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Bought a 4wd van so I can travel Australia, but after taking it 4wding a bunch I'm starting to get the 4wd bug!
Hie, team... Im from Africa Zimbabwe ... I own a Toyota raider 1kz 4*4.. 1999 model..with manual gearbox recently the gearbox got dead beyond rapair. I managed to buy a replacement..4*4 gearbox manual... But it's similar... It has 4L... N.. And... H...the a 4wd button aside the small stick. Mine was having 4L, 2H, 4H and N.... They is no provision to connect control cables of the new gearbox... How best can l do
I'm not a Toyo expert, it sounds like your original box has the transfer case as a manual selection, and your replacement transfer case is electronic actuator.
The replacement may be off a later model and may need a control module to manage the selection, as well as actuators for the front diff.
The only suggestion I can make is potentially rebuilding your old box, using the replacement as a parts donor.
Should 285/70r17s fit under a 2005 np pajero with a 2 inch lift
If you are you running a bull bar on the front yes, but if you have the factory bumper you will need to tweak the brackets a little bit so they don't rub. You will need to trim the mud flaps a little bit. Hard lock into a driveway a bit quicker than you normally would and the tyres will polish the bit that needs to be trimmed off. Just trim that bit off and you should be right.
My Son in Byron Bay has a slide on that he no longer uses. If you are interested give me your phone number and I will get him to call you. David.
Hi Just looking for some help telling me how good my car is. First car an don't really know much about cars

Nissan patrol zd30 2004 turbo diesel 3.0 liter
great cars but some of the engines are called grenades and can explode // just what i have read // some research will sort it out before it goes bang // dont mean to scare ya // one of the patrol forums should be full of this valuable info
hi all would you think 267.000ks on a 2006 gxl landcruiser v8 petrol with all service books filled out and up to date for $ 23k be a good buy.
Can anybody point me in the right direction for the right turbo kit for a 91 4.2 GQ patrol has 260*** on the clock found that many different once would like to save some coin but also not buy complete shit products haha

Just joined after reading some few comments, i guess its useful for us who stay in the Kalahari Desert.

One more thing, my country Botswana does not reflect on the list of countries when filling joining questions.
Gday all have sold my old gu patrol and have bought new Mazda bt 50 with all bells and whistles.
HI Guys i have just purchased an old walk about camper trailer with an ORAC coupling and need to replace the rubber in it. I have been searching the web and cant find anyone who supplies spares for them. any ideas will be appreciated
have many expectations, love the red dust, worked Australia wide in the earth moving game when a younger fella , at the retiring age ( but not yet ?) more red dust to see