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hi all would you think 267.000ks on a 2006 gxl landcruiser v8 petrol with all service books filled out and up to date for $ 23k be a good buy.
Can anybody point me in the right direction for the right turbo kit for a 91 4.2 GQ patrol has 260*** on the clock found that many different once would like to save some coin but also not buy complete shit products haha

Just joined after reading some few comments, i guess its useful for us who stay in the Kalahari Desert.

One more thing, my country Botswana does not reflect on the list of countries when filling joining questions.
Gday all have sold my old gu patrol and have bought new Mazda bt 50 with all bells and whistles.
HI Guys i have just purchased an old walk about camper trailer with an ORAC coupling and need to replace the rubber in it. I have been searching the web and cant find anyone who supplies spares for them. any ideas will be appreciated
have many expectations, love the red dust, worked Australia wide in the earth moving game when a younger fella , at the retiring age ( but not yet ?) more red dust to see
I have retired from active 4x4 trips for health reasons due to old age (lol) and a buggered back from too much driving over spinifex. But I had a good innings o 4x4 trips from 1977 starting with the Suzuki Club in Darwin and since then I have seen a fair bit of this country. Still have a Nissan GQ and an Isuzu MUX but the MUX is used for most trips.
Hi i am curently buildung a custom senter soround for my freinds 80 series land cruser manual my question is does anyone know the mesurments for the gear stick so that can change gears without it mooving if that makes any scence thanks in advance
Could I please get some help on why my 2.6 efi Ford Raider (basically a courier/bravo ect) is chugging when I accelerate lightly and try to sit on a steady speed but goes away when I put my foot down just replaced dizzy plugs leads fuel filter coil and injectors and help will be great
Could someone please explain the factory diff lock set up in a 93 80 series gxl 1hdt. Is it centre diff lock or factory front and back? If centre diff lock how does this system work?
Hi guys.. I have a waico 550 perfect power inverter which i want to upgrade.. would love some feedback on a decent affordable 1000w inverter.. as for some reason my 550 is struggling to charge a makita battery through the power points in my canopy..
cheers Damo
Hi guys just wanting to know if there are any family friendly 4x4 clubs.Nothi ng to extreme still starting out and kitting up.I live in Mernda been on a few trips with a mate now but wanting to meet new people aswell.Cheers.
Consider the 4WD trip website. My mate's got married and had kids which makes them absolutely useless when it comes to going out these days so I join or organise groups via this website quite frequently.
Hi All,
New here, does anyone know where I can get an oversize oil pan/sump for a 6.5 Chevy optimiser ? I want to increase the oil capacity of the engine from 7/8 litres to 11/12 litres or as much as I can......
Fabrication shops can enlarge the existing pan for not a lot of money really but it depends on how much clearance you have around it.
Hi All
Looking at buying a 4x4 with both Diesel/LPG. Just looking for advise on pros & cons with the LPG on a diesel Ute?

Alan Millar
Alan Millar
I had LPGon my diesel Delica for over 300k without any issues at all . Cleaner running and about 25% more power . Now bare in mind that was an older style mechanical injection diesel , whether the same will be true on one of the more modern engines I have no Idea , but can't imagine it being anything but a bonus .
where you from ? I'm in sydney, and saw that you maybe buying a rooftop tent and a annex in the up coming trip post for this weekend. Just remember that if you put a tent on racks you wont be able to go into/use under ground car parks... What i did was built a frame on my box trailer. That way i could use it any time i needed to for camping and of course for work too.
Hey mate, I am in Newcastle. I did think about the underground carpark thing and then I considered whether to get rid of the ARB cab and get some bars fabricated to have it lower as I dont really have room for a trailer (despite having a double garage neither of us park in) also would be better as there would be less/no drag?
Live to flex, nothing like being in the bush showi g ya rig off and just doing ya hobby right