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zombi zook jimny Adventure rig

Discussion in 'My 4WD' started by stufftheifs, Mar 27, 2016.

  1. stufftheifs

    stufftheifs Active Member

    Hi 4x4earth
    this is my latest creation due to having some financial difficulties and having to close the doors my business and sell off my toys.. I've decided to give myself a tight budget for a 4wd build of $10,000 on this one being my daily drive it wont be to wild just capable and fun . oh and yes we bought a jeep as a family car ..

    It started as a $1000 low km 1999 suzuki jimny that had pretty rough body work
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  2. stufftheifs

    stufftheifs Active Member

    soon as i got it back to Tasmania from Victoria I started stripping it

    first job was removing the sucker bush that had started to call it home
    then start cutting the 5.5" out of the guards so the planned new rubber will have a large enough living area.
    after this I prepped and sprayed the whole thing in Upol Raptor liner satin black
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  3. stufftheifs

    stufftheifs Active Member

    after the raptor set . 20150314_201409.jpg

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  4. stufftheifs

    stufftheifs Active Member

    the next was fitting my alaplast 3" wider flares i used nut certs and 30 55x8m stainless hex heads to fit the flares

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  5. stufftheifs

    stufftheifs Active Member

    the i purchased a oelc genuine4x4 front bumper. and test fitted a rhino rack
    20150706_151624.jpg 20150706_151631.jpg

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  6. stufftheifs

    stufftheifs Active Member

    I also bought a bar off a freind that i have since sold for a genuine 4x4 rear bar. 20150520_141356.jpg
  7. stufftheifs

    stufftheifs Active Member

    after i sold the above bumper , I bought myself a genuine4x4 rear bumper and roof rack 20160312_090203.jpg
    20160312_090213.jpg 20160312_090237.jpg

    you'll notice i have also fitted 15x7 sunnys with 245/75/15 tyres and tinted the windows by 20%
  8. stufftheifs

    stufftheifs Active Member

    last week while I was on holidays I took the time and swapped out my crappy stock seats and fitted a set of old school narrow saas seat and had a two seat conversion completed with engineering
    firstly I removed the old seat bases and made up a 40mm peice of 4mm steel and welded two 20mm tabs to bolt it to the frame where the reclining mechanism once was using 4x 8mm hi-tensile bolts and lock nuts.
    the front mounting tabs for the standard seat pick up in the exact same spot as any saas seat pcd
    20160223_185444.jpg 20160223_194639.jpg
    mounted and ready for seats
    20160223_195831.jpg 20160223_195838.jpg
    still need some height tweaking but fitted seats i had to fit a couple washers under the front to align the seats for my height. 20160223_204635.jpg

    and engineered ......!

    the engine bay will be getting sprayed when the engines out
  9. stufftheifs

    stufftheifs Active Member

    this weekend I fitted my 4:16:1 to my wt transfer case which i've had fully reconditioned and also bolted on a big jimny spinal mount transfer adapter kit.
    I also fitted a decent mounting point for my breather using the stock transfer breather location .
    here is a quick guide how to :

    firstly twist out the factory breather with multi grips ,

    second get a 1/4 bsp thread tool and tap a thread in the hole left behind .

    now take a 1/4 bsp to 1/8bsp adapter and screw into the hole .

    once you have done this screw in the angled 1/8 bsp male 90 degree elbow and your done .
    you can also use the same method for the gearbox on any suzuki . below pictured is a cruiser but you get the drift

    I coated it in Caterpillar sun-bright yellow for that extra traction factor and bothed it all back together with some heavyduty bling ready to bolt in .

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  10. stufftheifs

    stufftheifs Active Member

    number plate mount using a Tyre mount bike carrier bracket so i can run it either with my bike carrier or without

    4mm steel plate painted in metallic silver and $4.50 ebay led motorbike number plate lights .


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  11. stufftheifs

    stufftheifs Active Member

    the next for this rig is fitting this bit of kit 3" 4xfourart

    as of good friday 2016 this is how she sits

    1999 jx jimny

    wheels 245/75/15 on 15x7 et10
    suspension - stock
    gaurds - alaplast flares 5.5" chop
    front bumper - olec winch
    rear bumper - olec
    roofrack - olec
    lockers - f/r arb air
    extra's - alpine touch tv ,2x 800w amps 6 speakers and a sub / ipad navagation mudmap /false floor

    so far it owes me
    car and logistics $1250
    bullbar $1100
    rearbar $ 970
    roofrack $ 320
    seats $ 400
    lockers $ 800
    windows $ 200
    wheels $ 500
    exhaust $ 700
    asj kingpins $ 200
    suspension $2020 = $8460
    i think im going to blow my budget dont tell the wife :)
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  12. hiluxdriver

    hiluxdriver Well-Known Member

    nice project mate
  13. stufftheifs

    stufftheifs Active Member

    thank you "hiluxdriver"
    Its definetly one of the more fun vehicles I have owned
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  14. Jaye

    Jaye Well-Known Member

    Nice truck, I like the colour. Good to see another Jimny on the forum.
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  15. stufftheifs

    stufftheifs Active Member

    thank you Jaye
  16. Bomber2012

    Bomber2012 Well-Known Member

    A feral Jimny , looks fantastic will be good to see it on the tracks .
    Keep the pics coming....
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  17. underdog

    underdog Well-Known Member

    Mate that upol raptor paintjob is wicked. Have always wanted to do the same thing myself. Reckon you could take a stab at what it cost you to paint the whole car in it? I can dream.
  18. stufftheifs

    stufftheifs Active Member

    It's cost me about 300 for paint and 100 for. Consumables. Easy as pie just scuff it up with 80grit and spray it on it takes abit to get it right this is my 3rd vehicle I've done. I've found one heavy coat followed by 2 light flash coats is the best to get a smooth flowing finish with no lines
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  19. stufftheifs

    stufftheifs Active Member

    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
    The latest update I've fitted my 3" lift .. It looks huge at the moment but it should sag a lot
    Next is a decent set of tires .
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  20. Jaye

    Jaye Well-Known Member

    Looks good, I like the 4x4 art radius arms.

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