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Has anyone had zero offset rims on a new model hilux? (2015 +). From standard they are 30P. Has anyone had personal experience with changing the wheel to a zero offset and had any issues? I’m Worried about extra strain on the axles. The tyres will also be 265/70 17. Will these scrub with a 2 inch lift?
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Nick Bagus

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I'm about to do the same with my MQ Triton. They're P36 from factory and I know a lot of blokes running 0 offset with no dramas. You should be fine!


Your main concern will be with the front wheels - the scrub radius of the wheel will be pushed out 30mm so you will likely rub the mudflap and other bits especially with larger tyres. P10 seems to be the most common offset for minimal mods to the mudflaps etc. The lift doesn't change the axle travel path or the scrub radius on these vehicles - ie lift doesn't stop scrubbing.

Bearing will be fine but like anything it will depend on how you use the vehicle. They are known to fail (nothing catastrophic) with big tyres/offsets/heavy use.