ZD 30 Injector Pump


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I have a decision to make: ZD30 with 320,00 kms, the Injector Pump has just let go. Reconditioned Pump, New Injectors and Labor will set me back $5,600.00. I have owned the Patrol for 10 years purchased with 186,000 on the clock, so I have done 134,000 kms and not had a problem at all, compression is good and seems to be a sound motor. I did change the MAP sensor 12 months and the mechanic had it on the Dyno and was surprised at the performance it had for an older motor.
Question I have, for roughly the same cost I can get a second hand motor with less kms. However it is an unknown as to its history and condition. What to do?


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Would the second hand motor come with the injector pump? Most of the time they don't.
If it DOES come with the injector pump then I personally would take the lower klm motor and keep the old one in the corner under some oily rags in case the replacement motor goes bang.

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I would not spend $5,600.00 on a ZD30. It will need more than a pump and injectors if not now very soon so don't make it a money pit. Now is the time to give it a six .


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G'day mate, I'd go the new pump....but I'd be looking around a bit, I done one on mine about 25k's ago, no injectors just new pump cost $3,500 SUPPLY/FITTED............if you buy an unknown motor it may be in the same condition as yours, or worse, then you'll still be in the same position but $$$ worse off ( better the motor you know ). As for the ZD30 engine, it is as reliable as any other diesel engine if you treat it right, just look at how many are still running around with high k's on them ! ------ your other options would be a LS1 or LS2 - but their petrol and around $20,000 to convert.....a duramax, again around $20,000......4.2 diesel patrol motor between $10 - $20,000 for a good one fitted.....or sell yours for a couple of grand ( as is ) and buy something else.....and the running costs of the above mentioned motors isn't real cheap, and they also break down and blow up just like any other motor can !