YouTube starting to really piss me off

red hilux

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The more and more I look at it, the more its starting to bug me.

So much friggn advertising. At the start of most stuff, if your lucky you can skip after 4 seconds. Then while watching what ever, more advertising and then more of those little speech boxes coming up. Im finding Im constantly looking for the little cross to close that stupid advert, and now starting to miss what Im watching in the first place


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Hmmm Sucks. If you can be bothered there is Firefox add ons to remove the adds.

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im hearing you. iv got my tv ps3 and home stereosystem hooked up to the net so i can use the ps3 to browse online, display it on the tv and listen to it through the stezza... do this a lot when the lads come round and we watch random shit and listen to music while having a few beverages. someone has to be on popup and advert control constantly so there is a nice flow of music or videos. its bullshit! im pretty sure google makes enough money as is!!!!


Yeah even with adblocker etc. its still pretty flooded.

These days I use XBMC for multimedia on computers which has a YouTube and YouTube Channels addonn too. Can't recall seeing ads using that but I may be wrong.


Oh well it is free, if we don't like it it we can all watch vimeo vids in hd! Oh wait, it doesn't have the content we all want!:rolleyes:


Or dailyMotion ...ahahahaha. Suuure.
Youtube makes me angry. The player has some very old bugs that they never get rid of, like it going all weird and unresponsive, refusing to play videos again. When the html5 player for youtube can actually be used it's okay sometimes but it's still buggy too.

Worth saying is when I was using XBMC recently to watch a Youtube video I accidentally went into an options menu and noticed a download option. I have no use for that but some might.