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Taken today with my HTC , We did the VGR steam train trip from Maldon to Castlemaine & back. For a old train junkie pair , was a great experience :)
After the morning trip , we went to the pub for lunch , did some sight seeing , then headed back into the bush following the tracks near to the train line , to see if we could get some shots of it in action.

It runs 2 return trips a day during winter . It does not operate in Summer due to bushfire risk.
We had a ball , both on it , and off it . You can let it pass , then get ahead of it quite easy for a different angle.

Jean took a really cool video of it , but I've no idea how to convert it to the computer to show. I Better ask @rogerazz ;)



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Yep, went to Hurstbridge Wattle Festival today to mix it with thousands. Just up the road from Monty and had a great day with the kids and the grandkids and finished up with a BBQ.
Steam train rides are a feature of the Festival each year.


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Stunning pic mate, it's a pity that the water there is so cold, otherwise it would be tempting to dive in. The warm pool back down the road a bit was far better to swim in.

Haha yea I jumped in, couldn't help myself. I wasn't in long though that's for sure.


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I took this one with my HTC on last sunday's trip
I reckon it came out pretty good as gives the photo some scale of size for up and down.
From the moment you start going up , all you see is sky until you cross the 1st washout , then its sky again
Photos never seem to show how high or steep things are ;) The trees and track down from ridge gives a idea about height and angle of car.
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