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Hi all
I am currently running Cooper A/Ts on my 100 series and am looking at the Yokohama G011 A/T + II – All Terrain.
Anybody got any sound advice on these, I need an all round tyre thats not going to cost a fortune as it does a lot of Ks on the black stuff and I plan to get a second set of wheels for off road.

Hey Mate,
I don't have any experience jet - but I'm going to put the Geolandar M/T + on - in the end of July... I read heaps of stuff about Yokohama and got really keen to check them out...
Co'z they are not that common in Australia - I read in American and European User Ratings... some blokes use them even for competitions....
anyway - good luck with them ;o)



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I use the Yokohama geolander A/T
they are bl00dy fantastic.
to give you a comparison....
other guys in the 4wd club have identical vehicles to me.... with 1 difference being tyre choice.
I was constantly getting 550 kms per tank, where everyone else were getting 450 kms per tank.
big difference I know.

so to confirm this I gave them to a mate who has done a heap of melbourne to adelaide trips.
he got 100 kms further per tank on my tyres than he had always done on his.
so in short..... go for it


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any of the brand tyres are pricey...
as i found out when i went ant brought a set of bridgestone
l/ts 694 [275/ 65/ 17]


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I have the BFG AT and they have been great. V8 4runner gives a good recommendation and interesting results on economy. Will be interested to see the difference it causes on your 4by

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Hi guys just found this forum and i was going through the tyres section and found this thread so guys can you guys tell me how you went with the Yokohama Ats ?cheers


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Yokohama Geolandar AT-S

I narrowed my choice of tyres for the surf down to three The Dunlop Grandtrek AT3, Yoko AT-S GO-12 and Bridgestone D/D 694 The AT3 was the cheapest next the Yoko and then the Bridgestone. The Surf had the Yoko GO-11 on it and to tell the truth even though pretty well worn they still held on well. With the promise of a good company discount from Firestone /Bridgestone that would bring the price down closer to the other two brands I elected to go with the Bridgestones as the Yoko GO-12 was not available at the time and was at least two months away. Unfortunately the discount was not as good as F/B said it would be in the end the Bridgestones cost me another $60 a tyre more than both the Yoko's or the AT3 and $20 a tyre more than F/B's original quote . My mate fitted AT3's to his surf (same model and year as mine) after me warning him about F/B service. I originally believed that the 694 was a better product but now am not so sure after driving my mates vehicle on a few occasions. Grip in the dry and wet on all surfaces seems to be pretty much the same. While the 694 is no worse than the other tyres I would have issues with dealing with F/B again just for there lack of customer service which is not the first time I have had problems with them. Giving you a quote a week before then bumping the price of each tyre up $20 at the time of payment is not a way of getting repeat business.
If I had to go through getting tyres again I would most probably go for the Yoko AT-S.


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Im running the Yokohama G012 AT/S, mustve done nearly 20K kms on them now and wearing well. Theyre very quiet and very good in the wet Ive found. Not so good in a mud pit, but you wouldnt expect that.. yeah no complaints.