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Howdy guys and girls, over the last few months I have been tinkering away in my spare time building a trailer from the tub that came off my D-max so I thought now that it's registered I would throw together a bit of a thread about the build.

It all began when I decided to replace the tub with an alloy tray on the ute and the tub was left gathering dust and in the way out the back. I always had in my mind that I would like to turn it into a trailer but after going to the Vic high country trip with the other NSW boys I really liked the idea of setting up each night in a different spot. having a soft floor camper trailer was good but the set up time and effort wasn't great for those one night stays so I sold the camper and got myself a Turbo tent for the family and started planning a trailer I could tow anywhere to use as a "homebase" when camping complete with kitchen, water tank etc... .

I grabbed some pallets from work and set the tub upside down on them and began piecing together the frame for it all to sit on.


My number one goal with this was to make it "TUFF" so I went overboard with material using 5mm wall for the drawbar and 10mm plate for the hitch mount with 3mm wall for the frame and I ordered a 2000kg package axle/suspension set up including 12" electric brakes and rebound leafsprings. I know independent suspension is the flavour of the day but I love the simplicity and reliability of leaves so I stuck with them.

After nutting out all the dimensions and tacking together the frame and drawbar I took it in to my work where the welders there applied their magic and made it as strong as anything (yes I can weld but not like a professional high pressure ticketed gun, lol).

I then got the frame back and painted it befor starting the assembly.

Next step was to get a few blokes round to lift on the tub then mount the toolbox and begin wiring the whole lot up.

I mounted the 60L water tank under it and sorted out the handbrake and ordered some wheels and tyres for it so that I can swap between car and trailer with the same size and offset. the trailer also has the same track as the ute.

Time for the first test run around the block.


A couple of last minute tweeks and it was off to the weighbridge then blueslip. The weight came in a little more than I was hoping for at 520kg but it passed the blueslip with flying colours and even earned a compliment from the mechanic on the build quality :D. I got a 2000kg rating giving me a payload of 1480kg, of course I will never have anywhere near that amount in it but it does mean that I will be easily legal with what I plan on putting in it.

I took all my paper work off to the RTA and ten minutes later it was registered and I'm a happy little camper.


So now its registered I can start setting it up for camping, on the list to do is a jerry can holder either side of the toolbox and a spare mounted on the drawbar, kitchen set up in the back, a frame to mount awnings or tarps off (still thinking of different ideas for that), a stabiliser leg on the back for when camping and a few other ideas I have ticking around.

And the million dollar question - What did it cost me? Too much.... lol :eek:

Feel free to give any suggestions.



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Very cool rob. Look forward to seeing it in action.
I agree with your spring choice. Simple strong and reliable.
Should be a good build thread.


That does look really cool actually, and the satisfaction of building and designing it yourself must feel great.

Hoping it gives you many years of enjoyable service.


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Sold !! A gent from Sydney bought it who wanted a tub for his freestyle BT50.. So we were both lucky..


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Nice work. I am designing something similar but I have a space cab tub off a dmax. I was wondering how did you measure the axle to match your wheel track or are you able to tell me the axle length cause I dont want to order the wrong size


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Some updated photos showing what I have added lately, the alloys now match the car, jerry can holders, spare holder, fire extinguisher and battery in the tool box complete with anderson plug connection to the car. I have fitted a spare head unit I had lying around so it now has a stereo with speakers you can place around where ever you are.


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