yobboford/Rob/Bertie how ever you may know him farewell boys trip 16/17/18-jan2015


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Well since we couldn't get a counter meal on new years day scotty, I'm keen for a night at nerriga pub.
Yes from me!


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Just got home right now after dropping the Wagon off at Bendigo.
I will go anywhere my new best mate Bugsy will take me if that's still OK.

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No not realy toddyh we put it up for vote because we know some people may be short on funds after Xmas and their holidays
so if we get a lot not able to stay at the pub we are all still happy to stay at the dam on the sat night
But if you don't vote it will be counted as a yes!
Hey guys this one is for rob? Would love to come on this trip only been out on 1 trip with rob awhile ago but if there is room and can meet others and say good luck to a great guy that helped me out let me know cheers