Yeah I'm from Canberra, but I'm not a polly ...


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G'Day all,
Can't do much with this post as I'm on the work computer, which is monitored and restricted in what we can and can't access, and have to make this quick.
But I'm from Canberra, I'm not a politician so there's no need to hate me just yet ... get to know me first.
Fairly new to this forum, signed up a little while ago but forgot about it till I found a thread to it in another forum.

But this is the rig such as it is ...

She's been quite a work in progress, but all of it just to keeping it running without overheating, but at present she's an
89 Hi Roof, Ti model, 4.2 L Diesel GQ.
Factory Lockers front and rear,
Turbo, Intercooler,
Lift kit to come, and a set of better rubber.

When off road it is normally seen in company with a White Wide Track Suzuki Sierra Soft-Top.

Anyway, that's all I'd best put up from work, but I work a 24 hour shift today (sometimes they're 29 hour) so will try and tidy this up a bit tomorrow afternoon when I knock off and can do a bit more with it from my home computer.

Till then, thanks for a great site.


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sounds good man welcome buddy,,,,,

theres a post ya 4x4 section mate, have a crack son looks like a good rig....