YALWAL (Nowra) Saturday June 9th.


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Hey all, me and a few of my mates are heading out to Yalwal on Saturday the 9th which is this coming sat the long weekend.

The plans at this point in time is to go and do wombat flats and then up through the tree root loop. Then if we have time scoot on down to monkey gum and check out if any of us are keen to try a few of the stages at 6 stager.

The trip is rated more up the difficult end of the scale and I would recommend at least 2" lift and one locker. bigger tyres are a big + here and beware if you dont have sliders or some sort of protection on your vehicle you may sustain body damage or even worse mechanical damage.

The Weather at this stage is pissing down rain, but it is meant to be all cleared up by Thursday arvo and friday saturday are meant to be nice and sunny. Pack some lunch and come along for a great trip with us! :D

This trip is an early one
MEET LOCATION: Cnr of Deans Gap Road and Yalwal Road
TIME: Approx 8:30am
MIN REQ 2" Lift, Bigger Tyres a great +, Some Barwork Recommended, at least 1 Locker Recommended

Jackson - Pajero
Welshy - Twin Locked Zook
Dave - GU Patrol Ute
Jose - Jeep :eek:
Jose's Mate - Jeep :eek:
Brad - 60 Series (morning only)

Scott - Twin Locked Toy Lux
Sam - Twin Locked Toy Lux
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Hi Jackson,
Keen on joining up with you on Saturday. At this stage I'm 80% sure.
Might get another mate to join in aswell in his JK unlimited (4" lift, twin locked on 33's)


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Hey Jose, would be great to have you along. I'm now living at Greenwell Point so im not too far away from the lovely place known as Yalwal. I'll put you and your mate down


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out and about

we might join up with you guys in the morning for the meet ,however we might head over towards spotted gum and do a recon on a old trail that drops off too the left on the way up ,I am not locked and will not be going too hard seeing we are away in a month,well 54 days into the desert and no damage is good damage .
I know I seem to be keeping south of of trunk rd 92, but I look at it this way ,no crowd is a good crowd and there is other good stuff out here it just needs to be rediscovered as everything including yalwal is based on old logging roads .
see you there
ps the best track is cassia for a good drive and dont tell anybody but that is my opion, unlocked big tyres and sense of adventure oh and now using air bags to lift the arse end :rolleyes:
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Sweet as Brad! Will be great to see you out there I didn't get a chance to really have a chat on the last trip we had.

Yeah I'm only pretty new to Yalwal's trails I guess someone who has been there 20+ years is only new as well as there is so much stuff. I will have to T up with some locals and find some old trails that need to be reopened ;) I've driven a long a few of them but they just close in on the car way to much.....

I have heard of that trail too and heard it is a fantastic drive, just gotta go drive it :p


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Yes, cassia was pretty cool drive, thanks to Brad and Craig leading the way a few weeks ago. I suggest do the reverse up cassia if you want a challenge, or down when doing a leisurely drive (with the wife and kids lol)
Looking forward to Saturday, it's been awhile since ive been near monkeygum. My mate Kev is 80% certain. I'm good to go :)
Cheers Jose


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i wouldnt mind tagging along to get some quadcopter footage.
will comfirm tomorrow.

sounds great Jose. Yeah was speaking to my mate today looks like what I've said we'll be doing he is happy with. So we will be doing it. And jon yes you should definitely come paj is running so itl be there :) keen as!!!


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I will be scracthing my "itch" Up the mountains this weekend.
Need to get down your way soon though, now that the paj is up and running :D


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Kev can't make it and I'm on call tonight so might not make it either. If all ok will be at deans gap at 830. Fingers crossed. Don't wait for me. I've got the channel will call if I'm late.


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Got to meetup with the boys for part of the day. Met at the corner of deans and Yalwal rd and heading into wombat flats camping area. Instead of heading to the rock steps we went straight ahead down to the creek. Real nice track
This track took us past dusties towards the treeroot trail on the right or left back to through the creek to the wombat steps. Had a ply at the steps prior to heading up to treeroot


Welshy's Suzuki made the wombat steps look easy. I gave it ago but severe clicking from the transfer case made me think twice.
Decided to call it quits before I got stranded. The boys went on to do treeroot loop.
Good day .
Atleast I know what the noise Is coming from bloody transfer case.
Hopefully the boys have got some more pics and vids.

1 red gu

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ye nice work looks like a good track Jose that must be past were we got stuck with veg's broken steering arm was it


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ye nice work looks like a good track Jose that must be past were we got stuck with veg's broken steering arm was it

Oh I see, now that spot will be forever known as where we got stuck with veg's broken steering arm...lol

Hey Jose where's the quality in those video's, only 360p all blurry.


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Sorry for the poor quality. Was only taken on my iPhone 3. Will check if the vids on my other camera worked. Haven't had much luck with things lately;).

Scott, you are are correct lol. Just past vege-pass, cross the creek and the first right hand turn..track to dusties.


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Not a bad video there, Shame both videos aren't of me driving haha

Well after Jose left we went for cruise up to Tree Root got to the hill and we all had a crack (bar the zook) and the rut holes are too big to clear a 9" diff with 33"s both the GU Patrol and myself were dragging our diffs up the hill and weren't making it. The Zook would have gone up with its little diffs but wouldnt of had the weight to pull the bigger trucks up.

So we cruised back to the link trail drove down it for a little play and then back up. From there we drove back up the Wombat flats rock steps and up monkey gum. We ran into a crew of 6 vehicles coming down monkey gum as there were us 3 and another 2 behind us going up. We all had to pull over to let these other guys past. Managed to get our 5 vehicles off the track and put them into the ruts on the side to let them past.

Honestly don't know what these guys were thinking Monkey Gum was slop very slippery a lot of mud on the trails. and they were bringing a standard Prado, Isuzu D-Max and Navara down the trails all with road tyres and inexperienced drivers. Every one of them had a beer in their hand when they came past and looked as though they were quite intoxicated.
To top this off they had a 05 ish model Hilux with a 2inch lift and 32" muddies towing a fully loaded box trailer???? Could not believe it!

Anyway all in all great trip! shame the Jose couldn't wheel longer with us and Brad enjoy your trip!!!!

I'll get a few photos I got up soon


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Sorry for the poor quality. Was only taken on my iPhone 3. Will check if the vids on my other camera worked. Haven't had much luck with things lately;).

Scott, you are are correct lol. Just past vege-pass, cross the creek and the first right hand turn..track to dusties.

Haha the Vege-pass good spot that one. Hey did you know that the Pajero went down and back up a few times without breaking a steering arm Jon ;)


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Disappointed that I didnt see this one earlier in the week... Would have been there for sure! Anyway looks like you had a fun time. I will be keen for the next one!


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Just a couple of photos from the day, got a few videos too. They will come soon


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