Xmas Trip


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Well Finally home!! and what a trip went and stayed with friends at Victoria Point Qld for 12 days. We coverd alot of tracks listed on the forum and i can throughly recommend them. We did some of millers rd tracks at Gatton which was about the only dry run we had, these tracks are alot of fun and very scenic but have to really recommed the Ormeau tracks. We enterd via Shaws Pocket Rd all 3 days up there.
Day 1) had only had about 10mm of rain so was good to get in and have a good look around and get orintated, met up with some guys who recommend some tracks.
Day 2 & 3 ) Completly different tracks after about 50mm of rain very lucky i put new Mud Tyres on for this trip, and the new ARB tyre deflator and ARB comperssor got a real good work out. On the way in on day 3 we met up with a bloke who was on his own with his kids and we all went together, what a difference three vehicles make, but i felt a little out numberd with 2 Nissan's and me being the only Toyota.
But felt alot better knowing that i was the only one with a winch so the Nissan's had to rely alot more on me than me on them.
Talking of winching mine got a very very very thorough work out cause as the day went on the rain kept falling and at one stage it took us about 1 1/2 hours to winch the three 4wd's about 750m. Well all in all a great trip will definatley go back to do other tracks up there.:):)


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