XJ Jeep assistance re mods for NSW rego


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I am looking at an XJ Cherokee which is described, in part, as follows:

3.5 lift kit with 20mm spacer and shackles (extra leaf on right rear to level), RE Supa Flex lower arms. RE drop boxes, JKS quick disconnects, Steering brace, HD tierod, Rancho steering bamper, Skyjacker front shocks, braided rear brakeline. SYE and ARB rear diff cover (D35). Wider and higher flares (similar to Rusty's). Custom front bar, HD rock sliders and rear bar with tyre carrier.

Does anyone know the NSW rego limits, blue slip requirements on such a lift? The vehicle currently is registered in QLD.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.



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Those mods sound fine I think the extanded shackles are a no no down here but as long as you get it certified your fine over 50mm if I was u I would keep it registered up there its a few hundred dollars cheaper . Biggest mistake was changing my rego to NSW so yea .