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i found it a few weeks back its a rippa got alot of info, i downloeaded my motor (3B) workshop manual


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I wouldnt mind one Ive looked all over 4 a maual but Ive come up with zilch. Ive got a 2000 MK 3ltr V6 compleate with gas conversion.


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Mitsubishi engine manuals available here MITSUBISHI MOTORS Óêðàèíà çàï÷àñòè | Ìèöóáèñè Ìîòîðñ Óêðàèíà çàï÷àñòè | Colt, Lancer, Galant, Eclipse, Outlander, Pajero, Grandis, Pajero Sport
and links to l200 ( mk ) manual here Workshop Manual -
apologies for the format of the links but the security policy on this site prevents links in posts until 5 'normal posts' have been made :(

Edit: I have posted the links, however, you will have to join the Mitsubishi forum before you can read the second link.
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I have the *.pdf of the WJ Jeep if any one wants ??
but then Jeeps never breakdown so who would want 2035 pages, I have it loaded on my GPS and it makes 30,000 screens on a Logic Gear.


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I can help out with the 2005 on Hilux Shop manual if somebody can host a 500 Mb Download.

I also have a nicely complied version of the previous model Hilux from the first link above that an associate put together in a more sensible order so you can actually find stuff. Once again, hosting would be required.


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I have my original GMH Bathurst HG Monaro suplament and workshop manual.

S@#t, if I still had that car it would be worth a fortune. One the other day I found was $90,000.00 Mine was in better nick. BUGGER!

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I've got a few old classics

Volkswagon 1200 55-63, Intereurope Manual.
KE10 Corolla 66-69, Gregorys Workshop Manual
KE20/25 70-74, Haines Workshop Manual
KE30-55 74-81, Gregory Workshop Manual
FX-HR Holden, Gregorys Workshop Manual
HQ-HJ Holden, Gregorys Workshop Manual
Chrysler Valiant J-K Series, Gregorys Workshop Manual
And others of a later date..

Wonder who's got the oldest Workshop Manual



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triton mk glxr td 2006

Hi all just doing under bonnet check noticed 2 sets of wires are not connected looks like they go to the turbo and they have been disconnected to allow easy reach to fuel filter,any one know what they do help needed many thanks.:confused:


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Greybeard many thanks for link problem solved wires intake air temperature switch connector and intercooler fan motor connector,disconnected to undo fuel filter?cliped back together i hope thats right.


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I saw this on another forum. I thought it would come in handy. Downloads - Page: 1

That's great! What an awesome page.
You know, I almost bought a manual on ebay. Me and this other guy were bidding on a 2H engine workshop manual and I went as high as 75 bucks but that's where I drew the line. I reckon he may have gone as high as 90 or so, he won it in the end.


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Hi all, I have been looking everwhere for a manual for the Ford PJ Ranger 3.0TD. Has anyone come across one or know where i could purchase. I have looked everywhere and luck to date.