Word me up on Pajeros


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I'm currently tossing up whether to get rid of my 98 DX Patrol and get a Pajero.

The Patrol is reliable, capable etc but it's is also a very basic car and to be honest I don't need the offroad benefits of a solid axle while not having a nice quiet comfortable tourer.

So the Pajero has piqued my interest seems like a lot of bang for your buck. I'd be looking at probably at least a 2012 or newer and am thinking the glx-r with diff lock sounds good. Would put a lift, AT/MTs, bullbar, dual battery and lights and call it done.

So any experience, opinions etc



Nothing wrong with the Paj's, totally under rated I reckon. I don't believer in this day and age that you need a solid axel for flex unless your planning on doing some pretty serious stuff because most of the aids and controls these new vehicles have got in them pretty much help you through all that tuff stuff now.


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Definitely the more economical and comfortable choice, if no need to have the larger vehicle for family/camping (you've already ruled out off-road performance), then makes sense to swap.

Main thing is a newer vehicle will cost you more money than keeping one you already have. Your money/budget is your choice though.

With a diff lock will easily be capable enough for all touring duties and even some more serious tracks.


If you are buying a used Paj , i assume its going to be a Diesel , have somebody have a good listen to the chains in the 4M41's , they are a bit prone to stretching when they get to 100 k or so and will cost a bomb to fix
make sure that the services have been done by the book , a lot of shops don't do the tappet adjustments when required because it is "to hard"
The tyres on the back ends tend to walk in and out badly when towing unless the back end is beefed up and somebody who knows how to set them up does the alignment
But the people that own them love them , they do have egr issues as well but then most brands do now anyway
Should mention we service about 10-15 Pajero's in our shop every week


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Been there and doing that!

I sold my '04 Patrol and bought a new Pajero in July this year. Just kitted it out with aux fuel tank, bull bar, snorkel, dual batteries, UHF and Bushskinz bash plates. Still got to fit a water tank, the drawer system, tyres and a suspension lift and upgrade.

I took it away and did some 4WDing with it and found that the traction control and rear diff lock made it more capable than my old Patrol (lack of ground clearance pending the lift notwithstanding) and it is certainly more comfortable, economical and powerful than my Patrol.

Despite it being better than I had expected and an excellent car in its own right, I do still miss the dinosaur toughness feeling of the Patrol.


As said before - underated I have the Nt diesel with a few mods & for the money you save buying a paj you can get all the fruit you want, only downside is fuel tank size but that can be rectified.
good luck with your choice!


I used to have a NM Pajero, 2in lift and 33's and it went most places the big boys went, very capable truck and would recommend to anyone not wanting solid axle trucks.