WOOO HOOO off to dargo for Queens B'Day W/End

Well my wife and I will be in dargo over the long weekend we are heading up with a friend so we might see some of you guys and girls up that way.
Well my wife Toni and I had a great weekend in Dargo, we arrived at about 10:30pm on friday night with 93runnerdave minus his runner:( , Saturday morning was spent concreting the base for the cattle grids at the property we were lucky enough to be invited to stay at after that was finished it was off to the Dargo pub for the afternoon, cought up with Gilly and Mutley after the pub went back to the propety for a home cooked roast dinner :D.

Sunday up early cleaned up the shed then it was down to the Dargo general store for fuel before heading up the Upper dargo rd to Matheson Cut ( China mans Falls) bit of Low 4 first gear on the way in also past the dear hunters camped near the Matheson track.

After stopping at the falls we headed up Matheson track lots of Low 4 first gear work on the way up. We took this track all the way too the Downey Road/Mt Ewen Spur track Junction. We then headed down Mt Ewen Spur track nice easy run in Hi 4 till we reached the Farm track/Mt Ewen Spur track junction here we stopd for a few min's to decide which track to take.

We decided to take Farm track this is a short but steep Low 4 first gear track with very large whoopty doos this track drops 780m to 280m in 2.8km very hard on your clutch and at times you need to use you brakes. from here we headed back to dargo along lower dargo road.

Video footage will be posted once I have edited it. ;)

I would like to thank 93runnerdave for the invitation to go up to Dargo.


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Hey Wombat that looks like a great run

I apologise for anything Gilly may have said to you:)


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Oi!!! Wombat you wally, it's UPPER Dargo Road, not Lower. You take Lower to access the Tab track , Punchen Buidwid Track, etc. Or you're going to a mates place that you've only seen the gate of. And you're the one with the GPS!!!! hahahahahaha.
But Wombat is right though, it was an awesome drive. Short and sharp (about 4 hours), but reasonably intense on the down hill on Farm track.