Hiya anyone done any sand driving around Woodside Vic,If so where exactly.Anyone else also suggest a camping spot,possibly behind the sand dunes where u can hide from Bass Straight lol...



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G'day River Swaggie
It's illegal to drive on Vic beaches, if that's what you are asking.
there is a Caravan park at the beach or you can camp in Jack Smith's lake (you can look it up in the campsite list)
There's not to many trees around but you do get shelter from Bass Strait
l havent been down there for years but there is ample areas to camp there and there is no need to drive on the beach there is a track that runs behind the mainly one sand dune that runs along the beach there are trees on the track side of it we always drove down a bit walked up over the dune good vantage point to look for holes to fish and camped behind the dunes opposite to where we would fish there is kida like a salt flat there to and some interesting bits to play with your 4wd on but word to the wise if it rains its usually a good time to get out of there l have seen many 4wd's stuck due to the soft clay like sand surface that when it gets wet dissapears under your wheels and your up to your axles there is a bloke on the entrance with a tractor you can walk to and ask to pull you out but 10 yrs ago he charged 30 buck hate to see what he would charge now
although l never got stuck driving a dirty old xd falcon l did have 265's on the back and dropped pressure though l towed a number of stuck 4wd's out