Woods Point Deisel Situation


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I was up that way again this weekend,After coming in from Noojee,Walhalla etc i needed fuel for the next day after going through one jerry lol.You have two choices now.The Old General Store has been bought by the Mine and converted into offices.The bowser opposite is now run by the Woods Point Pub i am told..It had $2.80 a litre on it but was told they only charge $2.40 a litre.This was told to me by a local..Now there is a Post Office down by the Morning Star Bridge,after the bridge on the right if your coming in from Gaffneys Creek.The bloke in there is starting to operate it as a General Store..He also carted a 1000 litre Tank of Diesel.He charged me $1.40 litre and i believe people should support him for trying to keep the cost of fuel down...

He said his name but me being Mr Memory ive forgotten..:) I can supply his phone number if needed.....

P.S Not sure about Petrol ????

Abbots Creek track is CLOSED...



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Certainly a better price than the pub, I'll support him when up that way!

-have heard a couple of stories about the pub people, they seem to add up too......