Wonnangatta Valley


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My wife and I towed our camper from Wonnongatta Valley to Talbotville, initially via Wombat Range Tk. But we had to detour via Cynthia Range Tk because the front lokka Pathfinder with muddies could not negotiate the first steep rock section and had to pull out. It was getting dark when we did it with some steep sections but we got in ok. Arriving in Talbotville well after dark.
Crooked River tk with the river crossings goes out from Talbotville. Unless there is some water in the river, could be boring, but good to tick off your bucket list.



I would say it's not impossible to tow through there depending upon the dryness of the tracks. The drop down to Eaglevale could be interesting together with a couple of spots at the top end of wombat. If you have the opportunity I'd drive it first.
Crooked River Track starts in the south from beside Kingswell Bridge on the Crooked River Road with 5 or 6 crossings to Talbotville & then continues through to Bulltown Spur Track with the remainder of the crossings. The first crossing is generally the deepest.


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The considered Mecca for Victorian 4WD drivers, known for the tragic murders, the grave yard makes one appreciate how far from the outside world this place was in the early part of the last century.

Camping is free, there are a number of long drop dunnies . It is part of the National Alpine Park .

There are 3 ways into the Wonnangatta, from the Buffalo Valley there is Riley's track, from the Western there is the Zeka Spur track and from the southern end , Wombat Sput track which turns onto Hernes Spur track

Hope the pictures inspire you to make the journey.


I went in here in the mid 90's, I cant wait to take the family and kids back there this year in our 100 series.

Pics look awesome


Love the Gatta - we have a camping / hunting week or 10 days during may before he gates are locked
We camp next to the Wonnangatta river with the long drop - it's a good sheltered spot on the edge of the main valley
Im in Sydney so go in via myrtleford and Reilly track. The pictures below are the Helipad for a last phone home before loss of reception - The view from the Helipad - A day trip to Dargo and pub lunch - Talbotville


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