Wonnangatta Couple from Drouin ??


Media briefing from the police in 15 minutes. Evidently, they found a shovel, and search and rescue teams are looking at Mount Hotham.


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Media briefing from the police in 15 minutes. Evidently, they found a shovel, and search and rescue teams are looking at Mount Hotham.
Is there a link for the briefing?

EDIT: It's on the Vic Police Facebook page (no Facebook login needed to watch luckily). As expected with ongoing investigations it was a little light on detail but there was confirmation of a shovel (or shovels) found as Patriot stated. So far they're still expecting that a third party was involved, although the location they're searching isn't necessarily related to any current persons of interest.
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interesting report
maybe a bit more info out there that they are not telling us yet

Yep I reckon every speck of dirt and DNA has been examined scrupulously, and the plods are after corroborating info..
Maybe the dirt found indicated it was from the Mt Hotham area??

Here's hoping they get a breakthrough


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Have a look at these quality shovels they found, you can see the paint worn off the corner where the landscaper tried using it as a spade. That must have been a challenge digging with them, I wonder what the shovels were used for... Surely not


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From my experience the edges of the batching shovels normally wear like that when shoveling some thing like screenings or making mud. The small one has seen a good bit of use
As stated by FiveO, you would not like to dig a hole with one in compacted soil


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Maybe the owner used the only shovels he had and if so would identify the type of job he is in. Might narrow down who to look for. Or inexperienced person who just needed a digging tool to finish a job.


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Well if they dug holes with those things they would have had a tuff time there designed to move loose screening, mulch or dirt not for digging

And if someone one owned 2 of them they would surly own a shovel, but it’s not the say they didn’t use them solely to backfill


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I haven't read the article, won't open in my phone. maybe not used for digging but as a weapon
Well I'd imagine people who are random killers will just use whatever they have on hand to do the deed & not really be concerned what something was designed for??

Then I'd also imagine people who are premediated, serial killers & career criminals, well thats another story.

When you try to delve into the who & what if of peoples way of thinking its a big open field of possibilities but Im sure as I have seen on TV that real life psychological profilers can get a good deal of information from tools of the trade of a killer & then their type of motive.

Media will just hype up anything for a story!


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Solved, It is a Left handed concreter named William who bought 2 new shovels while driving a white dual cab ute.

Sought of bummed they did not find a hammer too, then you lot can argue/discuss wether you can drive a nail in with a ball pein or claw hammer?


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It looks like they did find a hammer in this evidence bag. Looking at the creases in bag it appears to be a ball pein hammer. If only we could see the worn paint off the hammer it could tell us if William the left handed concreter ever used the ball part of the ball pein hammer to drive a nail in.