Wonnangatta Couple from Drouin ??


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Or was it a case of the wife said "that thing in the front yard goes, or I go" And you said "Hmmm let me think about that for a minute". ;)
Not at all, it was her fully optioned top of the range Disco 2 that got moved on, she was not happy at first but got used to the i30 SR pretty quick.
I had to keep my 2, just couldn't part with them and she knows not to make me choose :p


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I'd say "Button Man" will be looking for a new home thanks to ACA and John Silvester ....gutter journalism at its finest .
It was absolute crap. Images of a man portrayed as old mate Buttons, wielding a knife to whittle some sticks, with a sinister air around him. And the legal requirement of “oh just to be clear, we’re not saying he’s involved. There’s no evidence to link him”, but then immediately continues with their portrayal of him as a suspect fella.

If some vigilantes take this guy out, ACA will surely have to carry some of the blame.


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Or was it a case of the wife said "that thing in the front yard goes, or I go" And you said "Hmmm let me think about that for a minute". ;)
When all my kids were living at home we had around twelve cars parked in and around our suburban house. Then when they moved out, over a short period, the woman across the road asked our next door neighbour "Did the bloke next door sell his car yard".


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my apologies for putting you all through that ACA crap.;)
Nothing new, nothing to see here, move on,
as regular campers up at Wonnagatta and the surrounding high country, it will be same, same for us, i'm not scared of people like they portray him to be, i find those folk to be very interesting to talk to, with plenty of friends around me,
Funny story time,
a few years back, me and a few mates were camping, just up the hill, from Omeo, it was a cold wet afternoon and we were camped around a nice big fire, along came a young kid in a Hilux, with "p" plates, he set up camp, under his tailgate, not far from us, we had a look at what he was doing and to us, he wasn't a seasoned camper, very basic, tarp and a swag, nothing to cook on, nothing to sit on,
so me being a friendly guy, wandered over and offered him a seat around the nice warm fire and something hot to eat and a jacket, because it was bitterly cold. and he said "yes Thank-you"
We got chatting and he asked us, (5 big guy's and 4, 4x4's) what we were doing up here?, I looked over my shoulder, saw our shovel standing up next to the fire and said, "up here burying some bodies"
Well you should have seen his face, all the blood drained out of it, and he was sh$t scared for a moment, then we all started laughing and everyone told me off for scaring the kid, eventually, he did find the funny side of it, but he was gone before we woke in the morning :D