Wongi State Forest


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Hi All,

This is my first post here and I'm looking for info on 4wding tracks around the Wongi State forest area in QLD, just south of Childers.

I know there is one track on here but there seem to be quite a few roads or tracks through the area. Has anyone been through or are there any maps of this area.

Any info greatly appreciated.

Cheers Greg

bevas lux

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Morning greg,

As a matter of fact mate i just went through that area a couple of days ago. I had trouble downloading the track that's on here so i just made up my own track using google earth and uploaded the file to my GPS and went for it.

It's a pretty nice area with heaps of little tracks going off everywhere. The Dam is quite a nice area and is pretty quite during the week.

A little bit of caution is required though if making a track out of google earth. The maps haven't been updated for years, so a lot of the tracks that look like they should be big and easy going to get in are no longer around. I started from the eastern side, with the intention of breaking off the bruce onto a large track to get into the dam, it now is all overgrown and has a fence with barbed wire stopping you. Had to continue down to the proper entrance into the area.

Would probably pay to get some info from the parks and wildlife boys.

Also, there is another section that is opposite to the entrance that takes you to the dam. Didn't get to go down that one but could be a bit of fun.



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bevas lux,

Thanks for that.

I went in the entrance near Buxton but came to a gate. There is also another gate further along that seems to be used quite regularly. It looks to be all state forest so I will go into the NPWS office here in Maryborough to see what info I can get.

Cheers Greg