Wollombi trip


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Weekend of the 29th march we are going for a camp at Wollombi pub and doing a run up Ourimbah state forest. Anyone welcome. There will be a fire, kids and wives present so its a family affair. There is a few things to do for kids around the area (Tree Tops Adventure park), food and beverages at the pub. We had a cracker of a night last time so be prepeared for a few bevos. Will be a good weekend to meet and greet some members. Tracks will be mildish as we do not knkw what there like after all the tains. Come one, come all and hae a good weekend away from the rat race.

Disclamer: Everyone will be responsible for there own actions and any damage to vehicle's. We try our best to minimize any injurys/damage but it is the owners responsibility to decide if its for them or not.