Wireless Tyre Pressure Monitors

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Tyre Dog is the only one I know of (without Googling) but they are pricey.
Their main website Tyre Dog

One stockist is Kulkyne and this is their main page for these . . . you would be looking at the 8 sensor unit for your needs.

Like I said quite a cost but obviously can save a tyre in some cases, and prolong tyre life if used right, and so easy to monitor, so . . . maybe worth it to some.


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Not a fan of the tyredog ones as they use an external sensor that goes on the outside of the valve. Very susceptible to theft or being broken while 4wding around rocks or mud.

Usually a little more pricey but should always try to go for an internal sensor type.
There are heaps of good ones on fleabay. Orange, steelmate, spy are all pretty good.

Orange Brand

Steelmate Brand

Spy Brand
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I have the one bought off ebay from digtronics. This is wired into my stero unit, and can have either internal senders or scew cap ones. Beauty of this is that you dont need to have another screen attached in the car. My in dash unit has DVD, Stereo FM, AM, CD 6 stacker internal, MP3 plug external, Apple external Plug, Reverse Camera, and IGO 8 and Oziexplorer. Can handle any number of tyres. You just select which 4 you want to monitor at any one time.


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I've had a few and like this one from sidewinder.


It will do the main 4 plus 2 for the trailer and you could do 2 spares or more ( though I wouldn't recommend that. Just swap the TPMS over.)

you hit a button and + for when the trailer is hitched and - for when it is unhitched to show or hide the trailer.

It's easy to set up and works well

The only criticism is that the sensors are fairly large. But they have been fine.


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I have old version of Davies Craig 400, and apart from few annoying things has worked well.
Notice new one has revised firmware by the looks, might have fixed it up