Winter Snow Trip

Hi all,
Family is heading over to Falls Creek from SA for a bit of a snow holiday and will be staying in Bogong for a couple of weeks. arrive 13th July - head off on 25th July
Now this (old) body isn't going to hold up to a huge amount of snowboarding, so i've been searching around to find somewhere to play with my Ranger. Looking for some advice on any "tracks" or good day trips that hopefully involve some river/creek crossings, a few hills etc to let the Ranger have a play too. So far my searching has found all the roads/tracks closed and i'm struggling to find any real details on suitable drives that are still open and are not 5+ hrs from Mt Beauty.
Any advice or locations to check out will be much appreciated
Driving: PX Ranger - 2inch Lift - 33" ATZ P3 - Snorkel (sealed)- Winch/MaxxTracks/SnatchStraps etc

Cheers, Mike