Winnerwell Nomad Stove


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I have been looking for a fully contained wood stove that can also take manufactured fuels for awhile now, the common one here in Oz is the the Ozpig and I know lots of people who love them but they just don't do it for me.

Last week my Winnerwell Nomad stove in the Medium arrived from the Netherlands. Build quality is outstanding, the 3L water tank and the fast folding oven are great, will test these more in the coming weeks. I wanted a highly efficient stove that I can use as a heat source, cook top, boil the billy, controlled baking and use with the camp oven in National Parks etc where ground fires and open brazier style fire pits are prohibited.

This is the Kit I have

First burn I got it pretty hot, the stove didn't warp or get out of square at all.



The is a damper valve in one of the flue's and a spark arrestor, there are 4 different damper settings on the stove itself that let you control the burn.


I will update this post with some better photo's when I get to use it properly some more however so far I am pretty chuffed with it and it doesn't need a lot of wood. I will try it with lump charcoal and head beads next with my 12" camp oven.

Normally I do everything on or around the fire... but in places where that isn't an option I think this will do very nicely.


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A friend uses one of these on his tent trips in Alaska (silicone patch "stove jack" on the tent). he thinks it is brilliant. Quite expensive though, no?

Apparently gets damned hot when using heat beads! Nice unit.



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Yeah I have a friend in the UK that uses one the same way with a "stove jack" in his tent. He simply wouldn't be without it in the winter. It was just shy of $850 landed, so yes expensive but that was with the freight, fast folding oven, fire proof mat, brush and bag.

When I compared it to the Ozpig it seemed like a reasonable premium to pay by the time you get it's vented door, and bag you are up to $535. It's also 12kg vs the 17kg's of the Ozpig and seemed to pack into better dimensions for my liking into a gym style bag. The Nomad is also 304 Stainless Steel, vs I think Mild Steel for the Ozpig?

My mate loves his Ozpig, and I've almost brought one a few times however this is different and I really like the quality and looks of it. Time will tell if it does what I hope it does but so far in the back yard with a few beers it's been very nice.
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Are you guys from QLD? How do you keep warm in winter with one of these?

I am in SE Qld yep, the Nomad actually throws a fair bit of heat but nothing like a good fire. In Europe they are designed to keep tents warm in winter and cook on with very little fuel usage.


For example my mate tells me that it can raise the temperature in his tent by 20c in 10 minutes in freezing conditions. That said I didn't really get it for the heating element though it's a nice to have. I needed a fully enclosed stove that I can use legally on Fraser Island where things like the Snow Peak Fire Pit can't be as they are a brazier.


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Ah yep, that answers all my questions.
Wouldn't think they'd be much use in a Victorian winter.

They work in a tent in sub freezing conditions, but out in the open no I don't think they would be much chop in cold cold climates. None of these style stoves would cope with that I don't think.


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Finally got out and was able to use the stove in anger, holy hell is it a ripper. Wife loves it now for cooking with the added bonus of washing up water on tap. Chucked some charcoal in the firebox and it was off to the races.







G’day I have the same stove with the 1.9lt water tank and just bought a bell tent with stove jack for comfy camping
I am thinking of pulling the trigger on the collapsible oven it looks a ripper
Sooooo how do you rate it ?



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Much better than an ozpig no doubt. Is that a hexa tarp or snowpeak tarp? I’m looking for an excuse to get one.


This is a Bell canvas tent , generic from flea bay mine is 4m
Bought it to camp and fish freshwater lakes Dartmouth Eildon Jindabyne etc
I am getting soft as I get older
I have the nomad medium stove , it’s a ripper
The winnerwell folding oven sits on top of the stove & would be great for pizza ,bread etc but I just wanted to hear anyone’s experience with one.