Winch Warranty's - Who to Support and When to Walk, Warn,Runva,Ironman,Carbon,Tmax etc


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I HIGHLY SUGGEST that Members DO NOT touch winches while in the WARRANTY PERIOD
Pretty much goes unsead doesn’t it??

Anyone who makes any mods to their vehicles in the warranty period needs to think the same!

If you decide to roll the dice then expect to get burnt or have a major fight on your hands.


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No clarification yet on my PDX ultra warranty questions.
I‘ve just been comparing to the Warn Evo range. They seem rather similar in design to the PDX ultra—cast one piece cross brace, and most of the strength seeming to come from the cross brace and ‘drum supports’ with minimal bolts holding down what seem like non-structural motor and gearbox covers. So, similar to what PDX claims In their ‘exoskeleton’. Yet the Warn Evo loaded with dyneema comes in around 33kg and the PDX 22kg (approx for both). I am struggling to see how that much weight could be lost, in a similar (if not ‘inspiration‘ based) design without it coming from the gearbox and motor internals themselves?

I’m becoming a bit skeptical…

I just fitted an EVO to my cruiser with dyeema rope. Haven’t used it yet.

I think there is a bit of marketing trickery going on to be losing 10 kgin weight on a similar style of winch unless one is made of plastic :)


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For anyone with a Costco membership that is in the market for a new winch, Carbon 12K were on sale (in the Bundamba store anyway), just in time for the wettest May in a long time.

I have nothing but positive (well, mostly) things to say about my Carbon winch, its been on for 6 years now and works every time I want to use it... one day I'll pull it out and do its 1st service, but I exercise it every couple of months, I found it really handy for gardening.

I voided the warranty on installation as I took the cover off the motor and sprayed the crap out of the internals and brushes with corrosion inhibitor. It has some corrosion on the end cap over of the motor, but everything else is 100%

$1k for the winch, $200 for a recovery kit.
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Following on from my interest in the PDX ultrawinch, they never did reply to my email with specific questions, seeking clarifications of some things including the differences in the sales talk and the written warranty—user serviceability and so on. Phone sales and talk was generous and great, but putting this stuff in writing, not so much, at least for me.

So I gave up on them and just ordered a Runva 13XP from sparesbox on sale for $888, which seemed pretty good.

I’ve read a lot of this thread but not all—got some questions on the Runva warranty.

this Maintenance guide below which ‘must be followed‘, demands a full spool out and respool every 4-6 weeks (not sure how they can check this has been done, and seems a bit excessive), a more reasonable 12monthly check over of things, and a 24 monthly full inspection of the internals of motor and gearbox, with replacement of brushes and grease if required/contaminate.

Is the owner allowed to do this internal full inspection of motor and gearbox? Ie, can we open thenwinch up ourselves and not void warranty, or are we supposed to take them to someone authorised to get this work documented?

seems the best insurance is regular use, so I will try to find things to use it for around our property other than vehicle recovery.

found a lot of info and videos on the 11XP, but not a lot on the 13XP. Seems exactly the same, gearing and all, but with a slightly more powerful motor? (7.6hp).

Are these really sealed up well now? Was surprised the motors don’t seem to be vented. Any 13XP advice?

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f they see signs that the bolts have been messed with other than the electrical connections or bolts to install the Winch
Runva and I'd guess others show you how to remove the gearbox end to rotate the engage handle to suit your installation so I can't see the gearbox end being an issue at least.


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Be interesting to see how Consumer Law view their warranty blurb, I'll take a guess that they may perceive the warranty conditions as too severe and restrictive


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I dont think a pull down and inspection every 2 years is unreasonable, that can be a hell of a lot of mud and water for a regular 4wder