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Winch Warranty's - Who to Support and When to Walk, Warn,Runva,Ironman,Carbon,Tmax etc

Discussion in 'General 4x4 Discussion' started by Swaggie, Jul 31, 2013.

  1. MrPoopypants

    MrPoopypants Member

    Hey CaptainBananas
    Good stuff. Kudos to Runva management. Glad they responded here and then followed it up. Shows some commitment to customer service. Michael the General Manager was the one who answered my query, so it shows it got passed up the ladder and dealt with. A clear message is that this thread does influence members and buyers and helps improve some brands reputations. Another pat on the back for Swaggie, too.
  2. Swaggie

    Swaggie Moderator

    Nice outcome mate,thanks to all involved...;)
  3. Abbztract

    Abbztract New Member

    So to clarify, if the drum seal isn't replaced annually, the winch isn't covered for failure caused by exposure to water but it is covered for failure due to, for example, a mechanical component break or electrical component failure caused by normal use?

    And supposing that the drum seal is replaced annually, what kind of water exposure fits your definition of "reasonable use" when it comes to what is and isn't allowable for the warranty to be valid? Are river crossings considered reasonable use? What about drive through car washes?

    Going by your claim that the winch has been made in a manner where it meets the IP67 rating, if the carrying out an annual drum seal replacement is what is required to get you to cover failure due to water ingress, does that mean as long as the drum seal is replaced every 12 months, any kind of exposure to water is allowed as long as it doesn't exceed the specs of IP67 which allow the product to the submerged under water to a depth of 1000mm for 30 minutes?
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  4. Abbztract

    Abbztract New Member

    Okay so I got a response off someone representing Carbon Winch via Facebook.

    "Hi Abbztract, we would class river crossing as normal/reasonable(and encouraged!) use. The same with car washes as long as you don't spray the seals directly with a pressure washer. The motor is IP67 rated so will easily survive the 1m for 30min. Basically yes as long as those seals are replaced (winch as Dan posted in 4x4Earth is to encourage annual maintenance, the main cause of winch failure is lack of maintenance and lack of use) then with the exception of obvious abuse your covered."
  5. Zcoota

    Zcoota New Member

    I'm really struggling with the whole replace the seals every 12 months thing with the Carbon winches. They look like a great unit and having spoken with Dan about them and he certainly give me the warm fuzzies about supporting his product.

    Does anyone have any views/experience with gearbox or brake failure ? I've notice that Carbon and now Runva are running a motor rather than drum brake. So does that mean if the gearbox fails there's no brake ? A bit of a concern if winching up a steep hill?
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  6. RunvaAustralia

    RunvaAustralia New Member

    Hi Zcoota,
    Our braking system is located inside the gearbox on all Premium series models. It’s a ratchet system which is extremely durable and reliable. All our winches are supplied with a 5 year electrical and lifetime mechanical warranty and you do not have to replace the seals every 12 months (we were one of the first to offer this warranty). Runva has been around for over 20 years and are the pioneers when it comes to winch manufacturing. Runva are also one of the very few companies that have a dedicated manufacturing plant. I hope this helps.
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  7. Abbztract

    Abbztract New Member

    What kind of exposure of water is allowed before the warranty is void?
  8. RunvaAustralia

    RunvaAustralia New Member

    Hi Abbztract,
    Warranty is not void through water ingress. The only maintenance required is running the winch every 4 - 6 weeks and making sure all terminals are clean and tight. If any water did enter the motor the heat from running the winch would take care of that.
    Nice and easy keeping your winch reliable.
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  9. Zcoota

    Zcoota New Member

    Kudos to RUNVA for being prepared to be clear about this, its certainly a big part of my decision criteria and you're winning me over with that.

    With the brakes I'm still a bit unsure, my understanding of the drum brake was that it was independent of the drive system, so if it the gearbox stripped a gear or failed in some other way, the brake would then stop my car from free spooling down the hill. Is that correct ? I understand that it heated up the drum and the new braking system doesn't but there doesn't seem to be anything stopping the winch spooling out if the drive/gearbox fails, is that right ?


  10. RunvaAustralia

    RunvaAustralia New Member

    Hi Mark,

    Please private message us your contact number and we can discuss in more detail if you like. The likelihood of this gearbox failing is extremely, extremely small. (as in we have maybe seen a handful if that over the course of 10+ years and that’s including base models). There is less chance of this brake failing than on the standard brake setup. We use this gearbox and ratchet system on our lifting winches so reliability and durability is paramount.
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  11. deathsbreeze

    deathsbreeze Member

    Getting a new winch on insurance as soon as I can decide on runva 13xp premium or carbon 12000 (have an 11xp currently) ..... Leaning to the carbon after a warranty issue with runva 4 years ago. Only thing I don't like is the seal replacement every year.
  12. phs

    phs Well-Known Member

    Would you be doing the seal replacment your self ?

    Can't see paying some one every year being worth it, after a few years you could of just purchased a new winch
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  13. deathsbreeze

    deathsbreeze Member

    Yes I would do it myself. But being a mechanic I would find some reason not to do it and would be a few years before I got around to it lol
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  14. deathsbreeze

    deathsbreeze Member

    Just removed my old 11xp to see why the panelbeaters were having trouble with it. Where the blue power wire attaches to the motor, you could wiggle it a little. Snapped 1 of the bolts holding the motor on and it was rusty. After 5 mins of prying I was able to get the end plate off.. ... Ewww rust. The brush plate was corroded and the brushes were seized. Good thing there was another issue or the next winching session could have taken a long time.
    Removed the case from around the armature and tried to tighten the bolt but it turned. Looks like when they installed my winch the bolt turned, breaking the seal and twisted the spot welded wire off the bolt. Turns out the bolt is part of the brush assembly so I will order a new one $80. The bearings still turn freely but are getting dry so I will replace them also.
    As to where the water got in, I'm not sure but I will probably tap the motor to add a breather hose and run it to the air cleaner box and seal the motor up.

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  15. deathsbreeze

    deathsbreeze Member

    Don't take my story as a bad review of Runva winches. The only maintenance I ever did was add grease to the gearbox before I installed it 6 years ago. I only used it about 5 times and it was strong enough to drag my GU wagon with the wheels locked.
    I never ran the rope out and in after river crossings and never tested it every few months. Just bolted it in and left it.
    Would I still recommend Runva winches? .... Yes
    Would I buy another Runva winch?..... Yes but I would seal the motor better and add grease to the gearbox if needed.
    Hard to go wrong with their warranty which is the reason I got the runva in the first place
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  16. deathsbreeze

    deathsbreeze Member

    After plenty of ummms and errrs I got a 5% discount voucher off eBay and grabbed a Carbon 12000...mainly as it will get delivered by Thursday as I'm going bush Friday. Will take a few pics and let you know how she goes fitting it
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  17. Mifferz

    Mifferz Member

    Went to Supercheap today and asked about the warranty on their Ridge Ryder winches.

    As you can see on the last page warranty doesn't include water, even confirm it with store manager.
    e) The product has been subject to abnormal conditions, including environment, temperature, water, fire, humidity, pressure, stress or similar;...

    Was tempted to pull the trigger for a cheapy... but a poor man buys twice. Going to save me monehs for a Runva or Carbon one. Or if Aldi have their sale before then
  18. Swaggie

    Swaggie Moderator

    Hi Mate
    If you have a little mechanical aptitude there's no reason why you couldn't pull it apart (warranty would be voided,but it's cheap) spray the motor with crc electro red paint,tap a breather on the motor on the gear side and add extra grease,also you'll understand your winch workings...There is a link on the first page page under the Warn Winch about rebuilding etc...

  19. Mifferz

    Mifferz Member

    Thanks buddy. I'll fork out for a Runva - there's a 10% ebay special happening atm
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  20. Buxter

    Buxter Well-Known Member

    Your full of it

    Fair dimkum, just full of it !

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