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winch operating help

Discussion in 'Information For Newbies' started by p4s2010, Apr 21, 2012.

  1. p4s2010

    p4s2010 New Member

    Hey, my names pete and i just brought a 12,000lbs winch. I was reading through the manual and it doesn't really explain how to use it. So just wondering if you guys could help me with some safe operating do's and don'ts.

    cheers pete.
  2. 80lover96gxl

    80lover96gxl Moderator

    Best bet is get yourseves into a 4wd course with accredited trainers.
    These guys can show you all the safe procedures for winching first hand and run you step by step as you do it yourself.
    They will also advise you of all the correct safety gear you will need when out there.

    Dont be fooled,winching done in an incorrect and unsafe manner can have deadly concequences,we'ed hate to hear of another injury or death due to incorrect winching techniques.
    Enjoy your new winch,have fun and stay safe.

  3. Swaggie

    Swaggie Moderator

    Google search Warn winch operation technique's etc etc...Plenty of stuff will come up....Dont forget a good recovery bag with,snatch strap,winch extension strap,tree protector strap, rated shackles,rated recovery points on your vehicle,snatch block etc etc...
  4. Alien d2

    Alien d2 4x4 Earth Contributer

    As said a winch can be handy peice of kit but can have lethal concequences if used wrong.
    If you don't do a course see if you can get out with some folk who have done some recovery work and ask for demo.

    Have a look at this link, I think it may be what your looking for..Winching
    While it doesn't show a single or double pull clearly it does cover how things work and the safty side quite well.
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  5. LowLux

    LowLux Moderator

    They are great pieces of equipment but do get some training on using it and that way you'll also know if it is working correctly too.
  6. Alby123

    Alby123 Active Member

    Hi Pete, regarding how to use a winch I would be willing to help you out with how to use a winch. Send me a pm so that I can organize a day if you interested.
    Cheers Alby
  7. tommyk1987

    tommyk1987 New Member

    a course as mentioned is ideal.

    or just get out with the boys from here. u get info and make some new friends. cant go wrong

    plus free :)
  8. Les PK Ranger

    Les PK Ranger 4x4 Earth Contributer

    Good on ya Alby, that's the spirit.

    Wish I had a winch.
    One day that OE front bar is going, and custom pipe setup with winch will go on.
  9. Swaggie

    Swaggie Moderator

    Hiya Tommy

    I just wonder how many people actually buy gear and do a course...Men being Men beating there chest and go she'll be right........:eek::D:D;)

    I believe this is the best method,people tend to jump on you (in a nice way) when you do something wrong and explain why....You can only read so much,but getting out there and doing it with experience people you seem to learn a lot more about your product and your vehicle...

    You can even go down the park with someone that knows what there doing when people are not about,don't leave it till your stuck in the middle of no-where,probably under pressure to understand how to use it...Start off on flat ground and once your happy do it on smallish hill and work up......Oh use a tree protester etc etc...

  10. banshee

    banshee New Member

    :p......Oh use a tree protester etc etc...

    like a greenie you

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  11. justaguy

    justaguy New Member

    Totally off topic but Banshee started it so I cant resist....

    Saw a sticker on the back of a car that said "Conserve energy, burn a greenie..." Put a smile on my face....

    On Topic....

    do all of the above and the best rule of Thumb...

    If your not 100% confident in what your doing and using equipment simply dont as it might just save your life !

  12. banshee

    banshee New Member

    Sorry could not resist....practise practise practise when you don't need it and please get yourself a damper for the cable..whether it be a professional one or a heavy blanket/towel or something if your putting your winch under strain...if she happens to go pop it should take alot of the fling out of it and won't take your head off...
  13. happy tezza

    happy tezza Member

    G'day Swaggie seems to me you posts some correct stuff !, nice one matey, regarding courses that sounds right ,hence that;s why we are attending 1 @ monkey gum (yalwal) on the 1st of april hosted by yalwal 4wd offroad (fella by the name of Chris is organising it!) there's give aways/prizes etc but more importantly correct recovery procedures which may save lives!!!or embarrassment !
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  14. happy tezza

    happy tezza Member

    Just an update fellas, the course was sweet as, Mad Matt made an appearance and offered advice, the main thing i personally took out of the course was momentum n traction , oh yeah won a prize !!,great drivin, ridge ryder snatch strap sweet!, n pete yep think safety whilst winching
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  15. cam04

    cam04 Well-Known Member

  16. Triton14

    Triton14 Active Member

    im quite new to winching and i use YouTube and other internet recourses to get a guideline.
    As usual it is up to you to sort through the chaff to get to the wheat, eventually you will be able to come up with something yourself out of all the info that looks safe.
    Also one thing is to practise these methods on some terrain that is not to testing or dangerous first.
    i like some of this material for reference-


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