winch control: hard wire or plug in?


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After installing my new winch ive been left with a small problem, due to a lack of space behind my bullbar ive had to install the control box in an awkward spot which is a bit hard to access to plug in the hand control. The winch has a wireless remote but i have found it has a bit of a delay when you release the button, where as the plug in remote is more precise control.

I want to have wired solution and there are two i have seen but not sure which one or if another one would be better.

first one is to extend the wires behind the plug and move the plug base else where besides beeing on the side of the control box.

second one is to hard wire the controls to switches located on the centre console.

any ideas or tips to help me out?



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Well, I'd do both so that you have flexibility. Combined with a wireless remote you have the best solution possible.

Put a switch in the cabin. This should not cost much as it is a low current switch. Extend the hand controller connector so it sits somewhere high, dry and easy to get to.

This way if someone else needs to control the winch from outside the vehicle they can. You can also operate the winch if you need to from inside. If you wanted to get fancy you would also add a switch to select which control to actually listen to. This would avoid the situation of having the inside control saying in and the hand controller saying out.

The only extra that I would recommend is a kill switch. This cuts power to the winch. This is handy if you every blow a solenoid and it locks on. This has happened to me and I didn't have a kill switch. Means that I had to quickly open the bonnet and pull the cable out. Kill switch also means that you won't accidentily activate the winch from inside the cabin.



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Thanx Brad,

talking it over with my boss today he suggested the same idea of having both options, so i think that may be the way ill go, and it gives me something to do for the weekend.

Ive already put an isolator switch for the reasons you recommended , the winch came with a cheap looking switch which ive discarded and gone for a beefed up switch that was more slimline and easier to install.

thanx again for the outside view