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Had to winch up a steep hill the other day in the wet, the track was clay so i now have clay all over me cable, just wondering how you would go about cleaning it? and once clean do you need to put something on it so it doesn't rust????:confused:


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Maybe hit it with the high pressure wash at a car wash, then re-oil with lanolin as respooling?
Might be wrong though, don't have a winch yet.


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So what should i lub it up with?? Its a hand winch cable, but that wouldn't make any difference would it, the same principles should apply?

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DazzaMTD, a hand winch is different to a power winch. A hand winch is almost maintainance free, the cable is coiled or wound on to a wire frame. To clean it just hose it or better still,use high pressure car wash to " flush "bothe sides of the coiled cable. Do NOT treat the cable.

To clean the hand winch, just butt the high pressure nozzel in the front where the cable feeds in & thoughly flush. Or you can open the hand winch by undoing bolts that hold the 2 halfs together, seperate them & wash it. You'll at least know how the winch works, 2 jaws working together to pull the cable through. Stand winch on its end to dry

The cable on bothe hand & power winches are very tough. I've hade my Tirfor hand winch since 1984 & still works as well as it did when it was new. I've only opened it once to wash it. Say 10 seconds each side of cable & 10 seconds to flush hand winch & you're DONE.

A power winch on the other hand DO NOT use high pressure as you way get water inside the winch. Just use LOW pressure or hose. Once a year or so, a power winch should be removed from the bar, completly pulled apart ( stripped ), cleaned, repacked with fresh new grease, new gaskets, O rings & seals ect, & refitted to vehical ( I'm quite happy to pay some one to do all that ).

Hope this helps

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G'day DazzaMTD

I have a hand winch too and use it a fair bit. All I have ever done to mine is to clean the cable with the hose, let it dry and put it back in it's bag.

Similar with the winch itself, but I normally put a bit of grease on the moving parts inside after every second or third decent wash, that's what the instructions said anyway.

All still working like it was brand new.