Will $100 polymer notes pass through my Labrador pup ??


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Watch him carefully and make sure he behaves the usual way. If he stops eating, drinking or starts vomiting, or laying about looking sad/uncomfortable , head for the vet a.s.a.p. Keep the vet in the loop. If it was me I would set the alarm to check on him a couple of times during the night. Plastic wont digest and he has to pass it or the Vet comes into it.
100% agree, it’s a worrying time when things like this happen. Pets are a big part of a family, and we never like seeing them sick.

Barra GU

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Damn mate... at the start of the story i was seeing very punny punch lines to throw at you. Now im a little concerned that he hasnt gone yet.

Hopefully the dogs ok and secondly you get your money back mate


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He layed a major cable this morning but no joy , no cash yet . :(
He seems ok , same old happy Lab , will keep monitoring him today .


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I hope your little mate is ok. But just be carful at the end of it all that you don’t get pinned for money laundering.

When he ate it did he have a sign saying use correct amount only no change given ?

Maybe it’s time me for a X-ray or ultrasound for some sort of confirmation on what is going on inside the little fella. Our pup used to go hunting in the cat litter for treats when the kids would forget to close the door to the garage.some times no problems other times up to a week later he would get quite sick and need a hefty dose of anti inflammatory and a laxative to get things moving. He has moved on from cat turds but loves to unpack the insides of any pillows or stuffed toys but they just seem to travel through just fine apart from sometimes having a little issue with the offending clump of stuffing getting caught up on the way out.

But I’m all seriousness I hope the little fella is ok



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So the big question..... did the dog eat the money or has the wife gone on a spending spree
No one was in the house @Aza013 , dog was only home alone for 2 hrs , wasn't stolen as all the money wasn't taken/eaten :D , would love to get an x ray see if its still intact but this has cost me enough so far .


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Just playing mate, I remember you said there was no one home
I really do hope you get the money back and pup is a ok


I haven't had a dog since I was around 8 , so not that long ago :rolleyes:

Anyway since this happened 4 days ago the dog is still eating as per usual.??? The dog is drinking plenty of water,.???? The dog is showing no adverse reactions. Not lethargic, still licks his bollocks, dribbles,slobbers and Craps everywhere. ,humps the next door neighbours leg when he/she comes over..Still barking ok while chasing the postie .?????