WikiCamps v Hema CamperX

Les PK Ranger

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If CamperX is user / community based, then it depends on the target user I guess.
I'd imagine HEMA don't go out scouting great campsites, so most likely users feed the database and it builds, like Wikicamps.

That being the case, you might likely see better quality sites listed on CamperX (OVER TIME) as most of those users will be more Aussie 4wd type travellers ?

Wiki has a very high % of overseas backpackers etc, and many highway sites can be quite unsightly gravel pits and such.
That said, if you read between the lines with Wiki, you can usually sift through those fairly easily, who wants to camp within 100m of a major highway anyway ?
Wiki has been going a long time, so the database of camps (text info and images too) is quite huge.

It might also come down to what the "the CAMPERX premium map subscription" costs, it sounds like an ongoing annual fee ?


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I’d have to agree with Les Pk...

WikiCamps is great if you filter the hell out of the search and sift through the results, you can find some gem spots. Good to see what what current conditions of some spots are as well. Instead of driving a full day to rock up tired and there being crap and garbage all over the place. Pisses me off but it seems to be quite common in a lot of free camps these days.

Haven’t used camperx but would be interesting to see how the database develops with more like minded people using it.