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Why would anyone want to fit an ARB air locker?

Discussion in 'Differentials' started by mattyboii, Jul 6, 2012.

  1. Neilhoh

    Neilhoh New Member

    Thanks MAttyboii. Well, if you see Warren from ARB Penrith, or anyone from any ARB franchise you can tell them that at least one person will get a diff locker from somewhere, other than ARB, me. Cheers
  2. bmurray2250

    bmurray2250 4x4 Earth Contributer

    I just ordered my front ARB locker from Matt at ARB Coopers Plains. I have talked to the Terry the workshop manager and they have good results with work I have had done before. The rear locker has worked great and it is the new design.
  3. WillisRanger

    WillisRanger New Member

    I have had a rear arb air locker installed nilly 6 months ago now and could not rate it high enough, as for customer support and sales, gotta do a massive thanks to Danny from the moorebank branch who went above and beyond . Very very satisfied customer here
  4. muc the truck

    muc the truck Well-Known Member

    Good read. and yes air dose blow out diff oil if a seal buggeres up and a breather is blocked. Its manditory in my opinion to run all breathers into the clean side of the air cleaner intake of the engine. breather filters do not let condesation out from the air compressors as it condenses at the filter and runs back down the line when the vehicle cools down. If its conected to the air cleaner with no restriction the mosture/ air is simple consumed by the engine like any other humid air.
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  5. discomatt

    discomatt Well-Known Member

    top read on the gleasons impossible differential link:)
    I have install a true trac in the rear diff and am very happy with it, it has totally trasformed the car, am now trying to save the coin to do the front as well:D

    can't recommend them enough, IMO heaps better than any other option for what i do
  6. muc the truck

    muc the truck Well-Known Member

    you did it the wrong way around . you should have done the front first lol.
    This corrects the castor error in a way no other diff can . when you raise a disco the castor turns to poo . just by having a gleason in the front it tracks straight like its never been raised. no steering twitch. How much did they sting you for a gleeson here . did you know you can post them in and anything under 1000 bucks is duty free anything over 1000 bucks is 10% gst plus 5% because its a 4x4 part if you tell them that it is.
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  7. cptmud

    cptmud New Member

    Pulled my front locker out this weekend as i haven't had it out in 10 years since the air locker install just to inspect it, and was very impressed with the condition of the the locker and diff gears. Replaced the O rings as a precaution. I should service the diffs more often as the seem to get overlooked untill a problem occurs. I have always used a high grade gear oil in the diffs and i think that this helps a lot
  8. old_aussie

    old_aussie Banned

    Arb Locker

    The reason locker by arb are fitted is there awsome man !
  9. muc the truck

    muc the truck Well-Known Member

    two gleesons will always beat two lockers
  10. rangey308

    rangey308 Active Member

    Hi mate interesting read. Personally I have range rover with a maxi drive and have had it for6 years. Works first time every time.
    I have seen the copies you speak of on ebay
  11. old_aussie

    old_aussie Banned

    From what i read about gleeson differentials they use friction to work & are for mild 4wd .
    I didn't read the full story maybe your talking of detroit lockers , but ARB lockers are AWSOM .;)
  12. 03RIG

    03RIG New Member

    Hi, I put my hilux in to ARB Townsville last week (29/01/13) to get Air Lockers installed front & rear and a Longranger tank, all I can say is the service I received was fantastic. I will gladly spend more money there

    Cheers, Ben
  13. old_aussie

    old_aussie Banned

    Hi Ben my son had his 2012 hilux fitted with a rear locker at ARB Townsville more than happy with the service as well . Mine was fitted in Caboulture and they bent over backwards to help me , very nice people .
  14. 03RIG

    03RIG New Member

    Hey good to hear, they are a good mob in there
  15. noelh

    noelh Member

    where do you get Gleeson's and do they make them for Nissan patrols and about how much would it cost for both front and rear
  16. old_aussie

    old_aussie Banned

    Have you read up on gleeson differentials for 4wd ?
    From what I have read if one wheel is off the ground & spinning the brake has to be applied to apply torque to the opposite wheel .
    They use friction on the housing to apply torque so extreme wheel spin would wear them very quickly .
    They cost the same as a locker + fitting , diff specialists supply locking differentials .
    $2000.00 would be a fair estimate I expect .
  17. Schweggy

    Schweggy New Member

    I'd like to know as well... Also have a Patrol.
  18. Swaggie

    Swaggie Moderator

    Why not get the E-locker by Harrops then,Have very good reports on this site,dont need air that can leak..

    HARROP | 4wd
  19. Hi, This is my first post so please be gentle, I have an 80 Series 1HZ Turbo Diesel(after market) with ARB Airlockers so the Burleigh Heads store have told me by the blue airline. My air lockers loose oil through the blue airline as well and a 500km trip will have about 500mls in the bottle I have put in the place where the compressor goes. This seams excessive since the compressor has been removed and the breather line is clear...Does anyone know why this would be happening? I have so far been told its the air seals and I would need a new unit as they dont sell the air seals...Is this correct ARB? (since you are viewing this post) And if it is stuffed does anyone have a recommendation for a replacement unit. It my inlaws car and they bought it with them fitted but will never need to use them as they are only going to be driving around with a caravan for the next 5 years....I just get to make sure its all up to the task...

    While we're at it can anyone recommend, (by personal experience) someone who can point me in the right direction for someone who knows about turbos up here on the Gold Coast. Works amazingly till 3000 revs then seams to stop accelerating and puff smoke out the exhaust...hasn't used any oil in 8000kn's so far...Car has only 175,000 original km's. Cheers
  20. old_aussie

    old_aussie Banned

    I doubt you can't get your locker repaired at ARB .

    I believe if you don't use the gear oil recommended by your manufacturer you will have issues cause of the higher heat in your diff using the oil the installers use .

    Your turbo most likely need to be de-sooted from all the articles i've read & speaking to Garrett in Brisbane .

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