why i would never buy a Jeep


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It wouldn’t surprise me that 50% discount was possible, ever seen how cheap 200’s sold for in Bali? About 40 % cheaper in a dealership than here last time I was there
You should have bought it. That's 85% off list price in Indonesia. Normally $250K AUD

BHP is getting ripped off. They should go to Bali for their 85% discount.
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You got that arse about mate. The Toyota is cheap compared to the rest. You have to be rich not to own one
Cost of ownership is low when resale value is 70 ish percent of purchase price compared to 20 to 30 percent for a LR

That’s why the bean counters buy them
Who buys a car to sell it. Let's face it... It is not like the 5 year newer 70 series has anything extra
It didn't catch on fire??
Maybe it was some new fire suppression system, smother the flames.

Or maybe they watched wreck my jeep and thought it was a wishlist from customers