Who to vote for?


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The NSW Labor corruption with Eddie Obeid was as bad as it gets, then you get the Liberal Premier O'Farrel sacking himself over a bottle of wine gift. There are bastards and honourable people on both sides. When the leader is an obvious bastard then I won't vote for them no matter what party they are.

Agree and even if the leader is honourable there will be shenanigans going on within the party by other members

John U

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@John U mate you really need to open the other eye if you think all the corruption and jobs for the boys is a LNP practice, it is a practice of politicians
You vote for who you want and I respect that but it is naive to think that labor are the good guys and truly concerned about the public as their number one issue
Both eyes wide open. There are misdeeds amongst politicians of all stripes. All should be held to account.

What is naive is both sidsing the ALP. The LNP do corruption and waste on an industrial scale. You wouldn't know it if you relied on The Herald Sun, The Daily Telegraph, The Australian, Channel 7, Channel 9, and to a fair extent, the ABC for your news.

Give me an example of where the ALP spent (wasted) 5 billion dollars, to get a single representative re-elected.

I'm just pointing out some of the stuff the Federal LNP have done over the last nine years. Feel free to quash it with their good deeds.

$30 million for a $3 million piece of land goes to LNP connected owners.

$4 million on milkshake video

Blast from the past - Steam cleaned an alleged crime scene just before the last election.


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A fantastic win for voters in marginal electorates. Especially down the Frankston line. Kooyong has to suck it up despite being at the top of the needs list by infrastructure victoria. Everything stacked up perfectly except 1 thing. The electorate
Not entirely true, a great win for all road users, anyone who has to travel to different locations for work, education, family, or any other reason benefits greatly , as a tradie who works all over the place I can confirm rail level crossing removal accross Melbourne is fantastic for all


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Happy Voting Day!

Though if you are like me and half the population you've already voted, so it's likely no one will know who won for a week.


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In my younger days when asked if I had voted anywhere else today I said not under this name. The AEC officer didn't appreciate the humour.


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Was away from home doing a house sit. Really enjoyed casting my vote today.


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Vote late, maybe there's a chance that if I watch the same political ads for the 6000th time around, I might just change my mind. Yeah 5999 times just wouldn't do the trick :)


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Best thing about after today is you don’t have to listen to them anymore
Lucky for us we don’t have a radio or TV so have been spared the misery


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Best thing about after today is you don’t have to listen to them anymore
Lucky for us we don’t have a radio or TV so have been spared the misery
What if the result is unclear and we have to go back to the polls?
From what I am seeing, there is a swing away from both major parties.


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Fryburger just called it. Libs are out on their arse. His last speech as treasurer. Dont you just feel sorry for him.