Who takes a WeberQ?


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A bottle gets me a weekend away including a roast. Why? Portability, speed, ease of use. Being stored inside a gullwing on a camper, I either have to pay for another bayonet fitting to be installed or have to install a T piece to feed the stove and BBQ each time I open and close the lid, so the Coleman gas is the path of least resistance. I can also pick it up and take it anywhere (roasting on a park table etc is pretty common. I have refill adapters so cost isn’t an issue.
the bayonet male fittings are killing me Joycoola,Anex Heater , Fridge, BBQ and by the time you get adapters to change the hose size you end up with more fittings than a made in China submarine
im in the middle of deciding whether to get a Baby Q Premium for camping or a 2 burner gas stove to replace my older butane stove
I have a family Q premium for home use, the weber is great, but also dear... would make for some great camp cooking though


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Ours has been out in the weather for 12 months its still alive, just convenient where it is saves digging out the Weber. The flame is funky so you have to fiddle a bit, accross the plate its reasonably even other than that it works fine