Who is back from Holidays ?


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Be very very afraid - I'm back !

Just got back today 4.15 pm.

Went ot the Upper Murray to visit my Auntie Joan , spent a couple of nights down on the Murray with a cousin of mine, Margeret and her family, really had a good relaxing time , bit of fishing , swiming the horses, a bit of clay target shooting , drank beer and lounged around relaxing .

On New years eve I went over to Kangaroo Lake and spent the rest of my time there with Peter Doran a mate of mine and his family and a few of our Simpson Desert crew, they are buggers, they unmercilessly just poured beer down my throat

Hope all the regulars had a good break, write a report, embellish away, never let the truth get in the way of a good story , mind you with some of you lot, it should be a case of what happens at camp stays at camp, and we dont want any photos of Grumpy in his transvestite gear, as we have newcomers to the site and they will be scarred for life - second thoughts, bugger them it's good for a laugh !

All the best for 2009 !

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Yay back to work on monday. At least I get to do a nice easy country run, anyone know any good tracks on the way out to Ballarat?
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Was back to the grind on Tuesday. Just back from OTooles and back on the tools....


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holidays what are holidays go on just rub it in i have worked all the bloody public holidays to thats just not very nice bushnut rubbing it in to us poor working slobbs


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G'day Bushnut, thanks for your update. I worked last week and will be back there again next week, so nothing to report here either.



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Head back tomorrow, although it will be a bit of a holiday from the wife and kids. Didnt get a chance to get away over the break, my young bloke was crook. Although, heading out for a mercy fish tonight, have been wanting to put the Terry on the beach.


Well sorry to say guys but I'm still on HOLIDAY'S until the start of FEB been off since 27th DEC and u all know me, I just love to rub it in, Maybe some Surf Fishing tommorrow and then some Wheeling Next week oh and then there's more wood to get and I'm sure I'll find something else relaxing to do, now drinking comes to mind, so the rest of u just get back to work and stop slackin off.:D:D:D:D:D:D:rolleyes:


Well we just finished our shutdown and have gone back to normal shift rotation. Working this weekend but next weekend is a 5 day break and the one after that is a 4 day weekend. Gotta love that shiftwork.


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got back from sandy creek on friday very relaxing only us for the first 2 days had the tracks to our selves the only problem was that the birds were a bit noisey in the morning but i can live with that