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G’day all you 4 wheeling legends!
I’m heading down to Preston Beach, Western Australia this Saturday (07/12/19) for a day trip down this awesome stretch of beach and then finishing off the day by heading inland to Harvey before the drive back to (reality) Perth.
If anyone is interest in joining me let me know and I’ll send you more details. I’m always stocked to meet new people so this invite extends to absolutely everyone.

I’ve also been kindly given a couple of vouchers by Autoplus WA to give away so if you can think of a good enough reason to have one it’s yours.


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If I wasn't working late on the Friday and already have a drone meetup on Saturday arvo arranged, I reckon I might have been in.

Have a great day, it will be nuts down there after this weather.

As for the giveaway, I reckon I need more recovery gear.....haha. The new project I'm working on (and why I couldn't join you on your last trip in November). BTW, how did that trip go?

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Epic Drives WA

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No worries,
sorry to hear your working late and a Friday of all days!
The trip was awesome, vid should be done soon. (Work is getting in the way of getting it done. )
Your spot on about this weather, I can’t wait to dip my toes in the ocean!
cheers for the comment.


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If you where a week either side and on a Sunday I'd be keen - but Im stuck in the Pilbara for work and Saturdays are kids sport day