Which puncture repair kit to buy?


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Also recommend some valve stems in case your a bit of a dubbo like myself and forget to screw them in before removing your tyre deflator. Would like to say ive only done it once but i cant.:confused:

PMSL hahahaha

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It's not a nice feeling when your valve stem shoots past your head into the scrub:D.

Nearly happened to me on Straddie trip a month ago, using the ARB ezy deflater to drop for the beach, I somehow left the valve undone after thinking I'd reinserted the valve core, undid the outer sleeve and all of a sudden I had a rapidly deflating tyre !
Managed to not lose the core, but ended up with a flat tyre :cool:
Ah well, core in, out with the compressor for an air up and and adjustment.
Had spare valves of both sizes in the tyre plug kit, but just glad to have them for the peace of mind in case I had lost it, which I imagine in 99% of cases would be the likely result.


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I hope you blokes didn't leave until you found them.:p

Valve stems are a form of littering as well and would hate to think some tracks got gated off due to excessive valve stem debris left behind by careless 4 wheel drivers :rolleyes:

Do they make fluro ones? They will be much easier to find