Which mods first??


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Hi guys
I am a 4 week owner of my first 4wd - a 1HZ80, 4.2l 1996 Landcruiser, AT tyres (2 needing replacement soon), now with 232,000km. It is still fairly standard build (apart from bull bar (ready for winch), towbar, 2 batteries and dead uhf). I recently bought basic recovery gear (snatch strap, tyre repair kit and compressor)
I have limited $ (don't we all:() so need to plan what happens first.
Eventually we want to tow either a camper trailer or caravan. In the meantime we want to camp. Not into extreme 4wd but want to be able to go a bit further into the bush than the falcon (which has gone into some nice places but has grounded) - with and without co-travellers. Maybe along beaches as well.
I was planning to buy in this order:
1) new uhf
2) fridge/tent etc
3) turbo diesel
4) winch (electric or hand??)

I'm not sure about extractors or whether there is a need for them and also new suspension (how long do they last) and, apart from height, why would I need an extra 2 inches (so to speak) lift? Will it improve stability that much?
Anything not on the list that is necessary?
All advice appreciated.
ps - We'll be going on 4wd training in March or May 2010!
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At 230k the suspension, if original, is probably stuffed so it's worth looking into. You don't 'have to have'
a 2" lift, although most people would recommend as a pretty standard arrangement. It gives some
protection from dragging the undercarriage over stuff in the bush, and allows a decent amount of travel
in the coils, thus keeping more wheels on the ground more often.
Extractors I wouldn't worry about if you are looking at turbos in the future, maybe a 3" mandrel
exhaust as this will complement the turbo when fitted.
A hand winch may be worth looking at, more practical if venturing out alone, although not that much
cheaper looking at some electric versions these days - remember a tree trunk protector, a couple of
shackles, maybe a snatch block or two and winch extension strap should all be part of that package!
An esky is almost as good as a fridge for short trips, but the longer ones make a fridge worthwhile.
There are a also good gas fridges(Chescold) as well as electric, might be better for long stays in one
area, but hard to beat an engel/(others) for rolling camps.
Definatally invest in the best tyres to suit your purpose, the cost of a good tyre is far outwieghed by
replacing a cheapie when it blows miles from anywhere. Maybe even replace all of them and keep the good ones off the rig for later-eg trailer/camper.
Enjoy the training course, and remember, you say know you're only looking at mild stuff in the bush, but look out when the bug bites a bit harder!!



Just some more advise, definately look at 2inch lift, as for a fridge and winch look at the Aldi ones cheap but not nasty, have had my fridge now for about 4 years, great on power and gas but flattens the battery pretty quick if your not driving. tents are great for starters but everyone has there way of doing things, Cheers


My advice would be
1. UHF..........Safety and communication
2. New tyres........The best value for money mod is a good set of rubber.
3. Suspension......It will make a difference.

After these items you can look at the others. These are the ones that will make the most difference to getting out there and back safely.



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Thanks guys

I will change the order of some of my "wish list" "need list" accordingly.

I was planning to spend for quality on my wish list (fridge etc) but it seems that I should save quality spending on the main game. After the uhf (uniden 400sx - some good prices at Prestige and Andrews) bring forward spending on tyres (Scorpions?) to all 5 (instead of 2) and save the best 3 of the old ones for ron (with the camper/caravan/whatever). Then into suspension, and possibly lift - before the turbo - will give me more time to adjust from 3.9l falcon petrol to 4.2l diesel I think (probably not a bad thing to slow down) before really appreciating a turbo boost (now a couple of years into the future).

Seeing it is xmas sale time I'll probably still get a tent but cheaper fridge than I was planning (tho' the ARB fridge looks good!).

Thanks again.