Which insurance company to go with


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I am looking to insure a fairly stock Landcruiser and would like to know who you all are insuring your vehicles through. I am looking to do normal highway and dirt track touring, with a trailer nothing hard core but would like to be covered anywhere in Australia just in case.


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Personally, I have been using Unicom insurance company for a long time. What are its advantages? Firstly, these are excellent insurance not only for your car, but also for car transactions. This is a huge help for someone who works in the resale of cars. Are there any here? It would be interesting to talk with colleagues and learn about the conditions in different states of our country. In addition, with the help of this company's website, you can find out motor trade insurance news. Has anyone used the same company?
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I went with the state motoring body, (RAA in South Australia), for a decade plus. I couldn't find any better value, particularly with another policy or two with them; and their service/any claims were always fast and hassle free. Since residing in Qld I've been with Youi for my Colorado comprehensive insurance. Do your research, read Product Disclosure Statements and shop around, is what I advise. It's an arduous task researching/finding/getting the right insurance.