Which High Country trails with a Camper - June Long weekend


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A group of us is going to High Country this weekend. I've been the High country before, but not towing a trailer through there, also I am not familiar with these tracks.

For those that know the trails - would you recommend doing it with a camper, looking at it being wet/snowing.

This is the rough plan is below - note Daves Plan Track is closed, so we will be bypassing this. Forcast is for rain, hopefully, snow 10-20mm on the 1st day/night.

Frist night camping at Dogman Hut. Then onto Mt Pinnibar track on to shady creek upper track camp at wheelers Creek Hut

Mt hope via wild boar track on to Mt Gibbo then onto Mt Anderson track to the top of mt hope to mount Murphy historical area

Buckwong track on to the McCarthys track on to limestone Creek track camping at limestone Creek camping area

ghost town of Suggan Buggan via the Cobberas track and then on to Mcfarlane track on to Ingeegoodbee track camping at Suggan Buggan

All doable in a camper in the wet or do you recommend otehr trails or base camp somewhere and day trips?


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I have not been to the HC, but I would say setup a base camp and do day trips. Less worry about damage to 4x or camper.


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The tracks you mentioned I would not take my camper on. You might make it ok but I reckon that camper is going to cause some grief along the way wether it be not getting up the steep stuff, oncoming vehicles or a big tree across the track and you can't turn around. If you want to go in from Tom Groggin take the Tom Groggin track up the hill, you can take Buenba Log track back to Wheelers Creek hut, plenty of good tracks around there or set up at Buenba Flat, plenty of room there and not to far to Benambra to get fuel. Get the
Rooftop Corryong Omeo Thredbo map. Travel light, no sense carrying 150 litres of water into the high country. Do day trips from a base camp and you'll have a lot more fun.


If it is wet at all I wouldn't take the camper up Mt Pinnibar. The climb up can be quite gnarly in spots at times.
Cobberas Trail shows on my maps that it also is a seasonal closure so double check that maybe.
In all honesty I wouldn't take a camper into that area, I think if you could work out a base camp and go from there it would be a lot less stressful and easier.
Hope this helps.


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As others have mentioned, not the best for taking a trailer, also remember up the HC weather con change very quickly, so you might think you are right heading out in nice sunny morning almost perfect, but my mid morning, early arvo it can change and only a little rain on some of those tracks can make a MASSIVE difference.


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In all honesty I wouldn't take a camper into that area,
Nothing like a last minute idea and recommendations ??
Not from me , or any others here that know the areas . You are asking for trouble mate , sorry to say .
There has been shitloads of rain up there in the last month .
as @barcher @richardlnsw @Neddysmith @Bomber2012 suggests , pick a base camp and day trips is the way to go :)


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I've driven Pinnibar towing a trailer. It was damp and very foggy and it was a challenge. Would have been near impossible in wet. If you're in a group you might get it done but it's likely to be hassle. For the effort required I'd tend to agree with other and base camp if it's wet.