Which Camper Trailer in Perth??


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Hey everyone,
Hope to get some feedback on a few camper trailer models!!
My Girlfriend and I are planning to take 12 months off work/rut and do the big loop!! We are looking to spend upto 15-17k MAX, on our trailer. We are very impressed with downunder campers off road model but have since looked at Red Earth campers and Rangers off road model also!!
If anyone has some feedback on any of these 3 models please pass it on. This will be our first camper trailer and and been working hard for this trip so want to get the best advise. All the salesmen have been great some even recommending others for canvas quality but the best advise i think would be from people who have brought thses and not from people trying to sell them!!

Thanks in advance
Matt and Bec


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Hi Matt & Bec

I've just purchased an Ezy trail camper after looking for nearly 6month, but for 15-17k you'd get the top of the range in Camel trailers, which i think is well built for the money. Check them out on: Camel Camper Trailers.