Which Air Compressor?


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Want to get a good value for money Air Compressor.
What flow rate should I be looking for? The compressors I've been looking at are around the $140-$170 mark but some say 72 Litres per Minute and some are saying 150 L/M.
What is an adequate flow rate to pump up 33" tyres?
Want to keep the cost below $200
Any thoughts would be appreciated. :)


When getting an air compressor for 4wd tyres try and go for a twin cylinder type with minum 150 l per min air delivery otherwise you will be there for ever.
I have a twin cylinder 150 lpm compressor and it takes about 2 mins to go from 20 psi to 40 psi on a 33" tyre.
there are some decent ones floating around in the $100-$150
hope this was of some help


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Those speed are with no back pressure 0psi..
I have a belt driven compressor. 8 cubic feet per minute at 100psi.
wasnt cheap $1200 fitted but wont ever turn back!
35's on 15's from 18psi to 40 under 1min


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Hi Andrew

You might first want to think about whether you want a portable one that can be swapped between vehicles, the garage etc, or one mounted under your bonnet. I have a portable one, and if I were to do it over again, would have gone for a permanently mounted one. Only need to carry the hose then.



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Was thinking portable as a permently mounted unit may be stretching the budget at the moment.


Try the projecta typhoon good value for money, preforms good at 150lt/min 4wd action rated it high a couple of years ago for a portable compressor.

Just a idea have seen them in use, they preform good. :D


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Thanks Scott. I have heard they are good but also that the fittings can be a bit dodgy, gets very hot & things start melting. Have looked at one on e-bay for $160, 1 yr Warranty


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I've had a bad and expensive past with electric compressors. they seem to last their warranty and then die. melted 2 arb compressors, tried to save one with a rebuild kit. projector seized and a cheap double pumper of ebay kept falling apart. I spent more on electic then what the belt driven endless air was worth and had enough thats why I got endless air and it eats anything else available.

I guess in the end it comes down to how often your going to use it.

From my terrible experience every weekend pumpin tyres and friends tyres youll be lucky to make 2 years.

I pump everything with the endless air:
double bed under 1 min
7 foot zodiac under 10min and thats stuffin around with it could be quicker.
I enjoy helping people with flats on the side of the road, standard car tyre 10sec, always impresses to watch the tyre inflate so fast..


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So Jon, What am I looking at to fit one of these endless air units to my GU?

Alot more then what you want to spend. But well worth saving for. Cost me 1200 fitted

I got mine through ARB. They had problems with mounting mine something to do with their mounts and my model landcruiser. but all good in the end. The guy that did mine had one in his GU at the time and he was telling me how he never had this mounting problem before..
You should check em out atleast.

I just did a quick search on google and found this ad
Endless Air Compressors


Hey Jon

They actually aren't that expensive!

The best trick fonty00 is to park behind Jon on every trip and steal his air :) LOL

Hey mate.

I got a TJM compressor during the week. Cost $220. Used it today. about 2 minutes per tyer 18psi to 35psi to inflate. I am happy with the buy. Cost was ok, 5 year warranty, easy to use, portable but can be mounter if required.


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I have the ARB unit mounted under the bonnet, very happy with it so far but I don't use it every week-end.
I will be at Skipworth so you are welcome to give it a go before you hand out your hard earned if you like.
The hose fitting at the compressor end does get hot if inflating from low pressure but I'm sure mounting the fitting a short distance away from the compressor will reduce this quite a bit.
Cost $295 for the compressor and $55 for the inflator hose.
If you plan on fitting air lockers down the track you are ready to roll.


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Picked up a cheapy from Repco a few months ago. $95, claimed 72L/min. It will pump up a 275/65/R16 from ~20psi to 35 in ~3 mins. Very happy with it, its not going to see much use either, so no point in me splashing out big bucks for a better unit. Only con is that the inflator valve doesn't quite form an airtight seal on my tyres (thread is different, so it doesn't grab properly), so I have to hold it down while pumping


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I bought the ARB compressor, portable. I got a discount so it cost the same as the mounted version. Came with the tyre inflater/gauge. Its a very good compressor, and unlike some models that quote high L/min this one only quotes it's min performance under load which is a steady 70L/min.

Also you can rebuild and replace parts from any ARB store, its made of all the usual parts and switches from air-lockers and other ARB gear. Good idea.

I can pump up each 32" Patrol tyre from 17-38 in about 2mins.

Doesn't get too hot either, and uses US air hose fittings (same as most air tools etc) so very practical. Pulls apart and packs in a nice toolbox. Great unit.

All up cost was $330 with Tyre inflater gauge ($50).