Where's my track?


Dear Moderator,

The 4x4 Earth Canberra Chapter met last weekend in the Brindabellas. I submitted a track with gps and pics last Saturday 20 August. I suspect I've made a mistake and not submitted the track properly as it does not yet appear in the track list. I don't want to resubmit in case the track is being reviewed.

Would a mod see if the track was uploaded properly and let me know either way. If I buggered it up I'd appreciate you letting me know my error. If the track isn't there, then I blame "beer" and will resubmit.

humbly :eek:


1 red gu

4x4 Earth Contributer
don't stress twisty it usually takes a week or two to get them up as the moderator has to check that all references and gps data is correct
plus this is done in there spare time as they all volunteer there time to keep this great site going

Pure Yobbo

Hey Twisty,

It was sitting in the Moderation que mate. I had a quick look it has only uploaded a point not the whole track can you remember what you uploaded?



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See what happens when ya slip a Moberator $20!!

An extra 10 and they'll stand on 1 foot and bark!!