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Where to mount winch solonoid on Xrox Bar for RG Colorado?

Discussion in 'Colorado' started by Joel Crawley, Oct 24, 2017.

  1. Joel Crawley

    Joel Crawley New Member

    Hey guys,

    I'm looking at getting a winch soon and want to know where the best spot for putting the solenoid? since I don't have enough space to mount the solenoid on top due to my spot lights being there. Has anyone found a good spot to put it, either in the engine bay or on the Xrox bar?

    Also I've been looking at getting a Domin8rX 12,000lb Winch from 4wd Supercentre, Whats people opinions on them? , seeing as they are reasonably priced and I just want something to get me out of trouble until I upgrade to a full bull bar and eventually fork out money for a decent winch

    Any feed back will help guys

  2. Marck

    Marck Well-Known Member

    Some people put them under the wings. Mine is on top. The other thing to watch is that you can reach the freespool clutch when you have spotties fitted
  3. Boots33

    Boots33 Member

    I mounted the solenoid on the upper right hand bracket. gets it up away from water and is easy to run the wiring through the grill. I have fitted a domin8rx and have found it ok. Hasn't seen a lot of use yet though. I had to change the position of the freespool control and you will need to get an offset fairlead and some shorter mounting bolts. Your heavy negative wire should go to the chassis not the neg battery terminal as the rg has a current sensor built into the neg battery lead.

  4. Lovey

    Lovey Active Member

    I have a Domin8r X mounted on an Xrox and I have my solenoid mounted mine on one of the support arms which angle down from the front (I hope that makes sense) and it's at roughly the same height as the winch motor. I did have an alternate spot in mind when I first mounted it, and I might move it higher sometime down the track, but it's fine where it is for now. I can't offer feedback on the winch of any value as I've never used it in anger. I've also never done any deep water crossings, so I don't know how the solenoid will hold up where it is. It seems fine so far though.
    If you're looking to 'upgrade' your winch, my only advice would be to hold off on buying the Domin8r and save your money. If you're looking at getting 'better' gear later on, you'll regret having paid for 2 winches and 2 lots of installation (unless you're doing it yourself). Buy once, cry once.
  5. Joel Crawley

    Joel Crawley New Member

    Thanks guys,

    Also do you need a winch cradle for the Xrox Bar or can the winch just bolt straight to it?
  6. Boots33

    Boots33 Member

    No extra cradle is needed. Just an offset fairlead, shorter mounting bolts (I got some button head allen key type), If you don't have a thin personalised number plate you will have to get a hinged type mount for your plate so it can be swung up when you use the winch and you will need to re-position the freespool clutch control so it can be reached from the top of the bar.
  7. Pubski

    Pubski Member

    mine is not a colorado but i mounted mine under bonnet up near master cylinder i had to make longer and heavier duty cables but i think its much better place than on the bar.
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  8. discomatt

    discomatt Well-Known Member

    ^^ x 2, well worth it IMO
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  9. DarkHorse

    DarkHorse Member

    +1 - I've always done so. Gets it out of the majority of 'everyday' rain, dust, flying stones, as well as higher and better protected for water crossings.

    If you're half way handy it's not a terrible job to swap the long battery leads and the short feeder leads over at the solenoid box, and you could get really carried away and silicone the box up if you were anticipating a lot of water. Premade battery leads are available in various lengths from Super Cheap or battery retailers for the third long one from box to winch.

    Once you've got your mojo up from that you could get really really carried away and run the remote cable into the cab to a couple of switches so you can do everything easily from behind the wheel. ;)
  10. Boots33

    Boots33 Member

    Under the bonnet is ok but you must keep it well clear of exhaust and turbo etc. Not a lot of free real estate under an rg bonnet if you also intend to fit a catch can , fuel filter etc at some time
  11. DarkHorse

    DarkHorse Member

    Good point. There's a perfect spot in an 80 right behind the main battery. Catch can and water seperator are still on the to-do list... but after years of owning Suzukis I do definitely appreciate the available real estate in the big Cruiser!
  12. Pubski

    Pubski Member

    Sort of like this

    I just moved the cable plug inside so i can still use the handset. I prefer this over switches. Plus i can still plug in the wireless receiver

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  13. Boots33

    Boots33 Member

    I'm hearing ya there , I also have a 2007 Hilux and it has a huge amount of free space under the bonnet. Almost makes me cry when I compare it to the collie!
  14. GaryM

    GaryM Well-Known Member

    I dont mount them. I would use 350 amp Anderson type plugs next time (350amp constant current, can handle a burst that will deal with a winch at dead stall) and they come in 3 colours so perfect and cant stuff it up.

    I currently have mech connectors for big 3 phase welders and gen sets (500 amps constant current), and connect when needed. Just dont put the battery cable on, do that on the day its needed. Use a couple of decent zip ties to mount the control box on the bar as its a temp install (you make it more secure if youre worried). Stops the glue from rattling loose in the solenoid or otherwise failing when you need it. Keeps it out of the elements too. Store it in the drawers in the back, no need for isolators either and its pretty much always like new.

    Not sure how common it is, but Ive seen at least two winches that keep firing while on bumpy roads (no isolator), but wouldnt winch when asked too which isnt very handy. Solenoids were rattling around in their housings Im told making temporary contact over bumps, but never maintain enough contact to work as a winch.

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