Where did you hear about 4X4 Earth?

Where did you hear about 4X4 earth?

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    Votes: 104 63.0%
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    Votes: 33 20.0%
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    Votes: 25 15.2%
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4x4 Earth Contributer
Was talking to James about some bloody computer issue when he told me about the Forum .

I had previously met James through a business group breakfast a number of years ago .
Was handed something about it at a 4wd & Camping show last year. Signed up, but didn't get any 4wd'ing done, so have just gotten active now :)
I was co-organizing a trip a couple of weeks ago, with a guy from this forum, I posted the trip on a different forum, and a bunch of guys that came on the day are from this forum.
And the day after the trip, I joined up here.