where can i get hercules trail digger m/t's?


love these tyres where can i get em around melbourne?



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Hercules also make the Terra Trac Tyre.

Bought these in Adelaide
Was at Leigh Creek (Coal Mining Town)

Told that the Local Mechanic had trialed these on 4 four wheel drive vehicles that go to remote bush track areas over a 2 weeks period
only 2 punctures recorded
Coopers 6 punctures recorded
A lot of mining companies changed over to the Terra Trac

I tried them
Had mine 3 Years no punctures
done about 50,000 K's
Still about 1/3 tread left

Reakon i'll go from A/T and try M/T next year


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I am currently running 35X12.5R17 Hercules Trail Diggers on 17X8 black Gecko wheels on the GU,"Tonkatroll"

Have done about 1000ks on them on all types of tracks incl black top. Am going High Country for 7 days, doing hard tracks and river crossings and a lot of tar, that should test them out.